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Kan has 161 new infections, several clusters found 2 more deaths

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Kan has 161 new infections, several clusters found 2 more deaths

Today, 29 Oct. 19, the Center for Solving Problems caused by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Kanchanaburi Province Report on the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 In the Kanchanaburi area, as of October 29, 64, 161 new cases were found, all of which were tested in RT-PCR form. Separated into 158 infected people within the province, 3 outside the provincial area. taking 0 cases

Total Patients Collected From April 6 to the present, 20,879 cases have recovered, 259 cases have recovered, 18,665 cases have been hospitalized, 2,027 cases have died, 2 are residents of Kanchanaburi, 1 case, Tha Muang district, 1 case, including death. Collected 187 people

for infected patients Including cumulative deaths only in the area of ​​Kanchanaburi province, all 13 districts, respectively, the districts infected from most to least as follows: Mueang Kanchanaburi District, 4,299 cumulatively infected (+13 cases), 1 death, 41 collectible cases, Tha Maka District. 5,410 cumulative infections (+24) 51 deaths, Tha Muang district, 2,163 cumulative infections (+3), 1 death, 13 cumulative cases, Sangkhlaburi district, 1,724 cumulative infections (+3) 15 cumulative deaths, Thong Pha Phum district, 1,359 cumulative infections, 9 cumulative deaths, 1,216 cumulative cases Saiyok district (+1 cases), 14 cumulative deaths, Phanom Thuan district, 586 cumulative infections. Accumulated lives: 3 cases, Bo Ploy district, 548 (+22) cases, 10 cumulative deaths, Laokhwan district, 401 (+34) cumulative cases, 4 cumulative deaths, Nong Prue district, contaminated 386 cases (+4 cases), 7 cases, Si Sawat district, 333 cases (+47 cases), 0 deaths, Dan Makham Tia district, 294 cases (+1 cases) ) Accumulated 2 deaths and Huai Krachao district infected Accumulated 76 cases (+2 cases) Accumulated 1 death

Reporters reported that From the table of reports of all 161 new cases, 39 cases were found in contact with provincial patients, 21 in noise areas, and 11 were in contact with out-of-province patients. Received treatment in a hospital in the Kanchanaburi area, 1 case, a Bangkok patient received treatment in a hospital in Kanchanaburi, 1 case Nong Krathum Subdistrict, Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhon Pathom Province, received treatment at a hospital in Kanchanaburi Province, 1 case.

At the same time, the new patients in the continuation cluster consisted of 11 birthday party clusters, Lumrang sub-districts, Bo Ploy districts, and group relations activities cluster. Ban Namphu Lang, Khao Jot Sub-district, Si Sawat District, numbering 43 cases, Funeral Cluster, Lao Khwan Subdistrict, 22 people, 100 Day Work Cluster, Nong Nok Kaew Subdistrict, Ong Lao Khwan, 8 cases, 1 Si Sawat Pae Cluster, and Cluster of Ban Mon, Ban Kao Subdistrict, 1 case

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