“Kan Wiphakorn” and “Sek Loso” make merit on Children’s Day with the most garish quotes If it doesn’t rely on the stomach-gum barks What will they bring!

I disappeared from posting for a while. because it seems to be able to trust and let go, but yesterday my mother “Kan Wiphakorn” I’m back. This time I posted a picture that fits the situation too. Post a picture of the couple. “Sek Loso” My beloved husband made merit this past Sunday. which coincides with National Children’s Day In this event, the mother gave the best caption to her children.

By yesterday ( 9 Jan. 65 ) “Kan Wiphakorn” Has posted a picture via Instagram @wiphakorn15 which is a picture of him and her husband Sek Loso making merit at the temple with a caption stating that “Parents go to the temple to make merit and help everyone. because so crazy The angel sees the chakra as a lotus flower. Underwater lotus, which let the mentally ill lead their noses, grow at ease, work is not done, only problems are created. The merit has never been replaced. Just keep asking for that. How to live together is worthless. No work to do. Every day, I want to destroy my parents. Calling to pressure father, pressure on mother undermining the minds of their own parents Stupid shows cause the story to escalate because the devils are acting low.

Go think and explore for yourself. The self that is, who gave it, life, clothes, shoes, appearance, hands and brain, who gave it if it wasn’t for the stomach to bark? They can get anything out of their mouths. Having grown up over the age of 20, they have the right to go out and do whatever they want, even though they’ve never done the duty that every child has to do. pay tribute to parents have never been replaced They only commit sins to themselves. Are you good at it? You think you’re ugly!”

This event seems like Mae Kan’s popularity rating is going to fall. After previously many netizens came to cheer. including understanding the heart of a mother But this work has many comments. They came to blame “Kan Wiphakorn” quite firmly.
For example, scolding children again. Not crazy, but 3 days are good, 4 days are sick. Good and bad, Khun Kan, you should stop. You grow up and stop posting cursing. It will be a waste because we curse you enough. I understand how you feel. Why are you so strong? Nong Suea is a person who has a good attitude. People can be wrong. We can be mistaken. Only 20 years old, etc. .-Nine Entertainment

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