Kana Onodera’s good pitching and Akari Hoshikawa’s 3 RBI lead to a big win over Hong Kong in a hot and humid environment | Women | Game Report

match report

May 31, 2023


On May 31st, the 2nd match of the 3rd BFA Women’s Asian Baseball Cup Grand Round was held at the Sarashaowan Playground in Hong Kong, where Japan’s Samurai Women’s National Team played against Hong Kong. Although they had decided to progress to the finals the day before, they did not let their guard down and won four cold 15-0 victories.

Even though it was hot and humid and it rained before the game, he overpowered with pitching and hitting from the first time. Kana Onodera (Yomiuri Giants), assigned to the starting lineup since the game against the Philippines, showed a polite pitch from the start, saying, “Last time, I threw a free ball in the first inning, so today I’m throwing it low from the start.” rice field. In the 2nd inning, he was hit in a row of no death, but he struck out all three in a row, and in the 3rd inning, he was in a pinch because of a series of mistakes by his allies, but he is quiet.hit down the following, and left the mound without any runs.
In the first inning, Miu Tanaka (Yomiuri Giants), who also started in the starting lineup since the game against the Philippines, opened the game with a double, followed by Miyu Shiraishi (Osaka Sports University), who hit a pinch hitter. the day before and third today Scored first with a double. In addition, Erika Nakae (Hanshin Tigers Women) hit the field and the opponent made an error to score four points.
In the following two innings, he scored four points due to opponent’s mistakes and a hit from Nakae’s right forehand.

Arisa Hotta (Tokai NEXUS), who went up to the mound in the 4th inning, also walked, but hit the following with a double play.
And behind that, Miu Tanaka’s continuous and timely push, Hoshikawa timely two points spread the point difference to 15 points and settled (4th inning 15 points behind, 5th and 6th innings 10 points behind and cold game ) established).

The final will start at 15:00 on June 1, Japan time. Looking forward to the group stage of the 9th WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup, which will be held in Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture in September, we want to grab the best place in Asia with good content that will give us momentum.

Coach/Player Comments

Directed by Risa Nakashima

“I think it’s good that we were able to score well from the start. Shiraishi and Hoshikawa have been in good form and are swinging their own swings. i want to go I will prepare so that we can play baseball well with this member. Because there are different ways to be seen as the world’s No. I want to show all the players in Asia that we can win with teamwork.”

Kana Onodera (Yomiuri Giants)

“I’ve got used to the environment in Hong Kong, and I was nervous at first because there were so many great seniors, but when they called me, I was able to pick without feeling nervous . We’ve talked a lot and I’m learning from them. All of the pitchers have been told to prepare for the finals, so I’d like to prepare so I can go at any time.”

Akari Hoshikawa (Brave Oceans of Awaji)

“Although I started on the bench, I wanted to play my role, but today I had a chance in the starting line-up, so I tried to make my own swing. I’m glad I was able to stand up and decide for myself. The atmosphere in the team is getting better day by day, so I want to enjoy the finals as much as I can.”

Ayaka Deguchi (Saitama Seibu Lionesses) *Co-captain

“Our teamwork is improving day by day. This time, each of us knows our role, so we are a team that can attack at the right moment. Our playing and rhythm is the same as before. If we do that, I think we can aim for the championship.”

3rd BFA Women’s Asian Baseball Cup

Meeting players summary

Tournament period

Between May 21st and June 1st, 2023

Group B

Friday, May 26 12:00 Japan 10-0 Korea
Saturday, May 27 13:00 Japan 7-1 Philippines
Sunday, May 28 16:00 Indonesia 0-27 Japan
* Start time is Japan time (Hong Kong: time difference -1 hour)

super round

Tuesday, May 30 19:00 Chinese Taipei 1-12 Japan
Wednesday, May 31 16:00 Japan 15-0 Hong Kong
* Start time is Japan time (Hong Kong: time difference -1 hour)


Thursday, June 1 15:00 Japan 8-3 Chinese Taipei
* Start time is Japan time (Hong Kong: time difference -1 hour)


Hong Kong

appearance country

primary round

Group A: India, Malaysia, Thailand
Group B: Hong Kong, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka

final round

Group A: Chinese Taipei, China, Hong Kong
Group B: Japan, South Korea, Philippines


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