Kanaya has no opinion of betraying the party; It is unfortunate to go to Congress: Kanam

Kollam: State Secretary Kanam Rajendran disagreed with CPI national general secretary D Raja’s statement that Kanaya Kumar had betrayed the party. He told the media that he did not think Kanaya had betrayed the party. It is unfortunate that Kanaya went to Congress. Earlier it was said that he would not go. Kanaya had problems with the Bihar component of the party. “It simply came to our notice then.

Kanam, who has publicly come out against D. Raja following the remarks of Annie Raja, general secretary of the National Women’s Federation, that there are RSS-minded people in the Kerala police, has also denied the national leadership in the Kanaya Kumar case. When asked about the archeological fraud committed by Monson Maungdaw, Kanam said, “How do you know who is cheating?” Kanam said that when they know that it is a scam, they should investigate.

English Summary: Kanam Rajendran on Kanhaiya Kumar



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