‘Kanbu’ Oh Young-soo wins Golden Globe award, “I’m a good guy”

Actor Oh Young-soo, the grandfather of the drama Squid Game, which has gathered global attention, became the first Korean actor to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in the United States. When the news of the award of the 78-year-old actor was heard, messages of congratulations and support poured in.

This is Reporter Lee Joo-hyung.


When ‘Squid Game’ was released, the actor Oh Young-soo, who played the role of the can-bug grandfather, was also offered advertisements and appearances in a line, but he refused them all and went back to his family’s theater stage.

[오영수/배우 : 제 이름이 갑자기 화제가 돼서 좀 자제력을 잃었다고나 할까. 염려를 하던 차에 좋은 연극을 만나게 돼서 중심을 잡고.]

Last Friday, while appearing in the play ‘The Last Session’, which just opened, I was hoping to get my focus, but something happened again that shook the heart of the 78-year-old actor.

He was the first Korean actor to receive a Golden Globe Award.

Best Supporting Actor in TV category.

[오영수/배우 : 수상소식을 듣고 생애 처음으로 내가 나에게 ‘괜찮은 놈이야’라고 말했습니다. 이제 ‘세계 속의 우리’가 아니고 ‘우리 속의 세계’입니다.]

Actor Oh Young-soo has been an actor in the National Theater Company for over 20 years, and has also received the Dong-A Theater Award and the Baeksang Arts Awards, so it is not unknown.

Although not well known to the public, he has long been a leading veteran actor in the theater industry.

The Golden Globe is a historic award that celebrates its 79th anniversary this year.

However, the awards ceremony could not be held this year due to the boycott of the production company and the actors as controversy arose over white-oriented events, sexism, and corruption in recent years.

However, it is only the fault of the organizers who continued to act anachronistic, unaware that the world has changed, and Oh Young-soo, who is looking at his eighties, is enjoying the last session of his life as an actor.



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