Kanchai revealed the doctor gave the medicine a lot.

Karnchai reveals the doctor gave the medicine a lot, Uncle Khom couldn’t fight the family was shocked to find another infection

From the case of the death of famous comedian Khom Chuan Chuen on April 30, 64, at the latest, Young Kunchai Kerdploy said in the program.Noon in timeHe also talked to the family Aunt Khom Ice and Bank, daughter and son-in-law. Always try to update the hunchback. Know in the evening evening on 29 Apr 64 that Aunt Kumpol was not well. Giving too much medication until the hands and feet are completely swollen and green.

Conditions are not good, the yellow value of the liver is very high. The doctor has done everything. Fully done All the pills have been given It is on the patient that the body will feel fine or not. Hinted to the family, I couldn’t believe it.

More importantly, something that was shocked by the family. Checked April 12, went to the family hospital and asked the doctor if the infection was still present. The doctors said it was still confused that other common coronavirus was treated for 14 days, butUncle Khom 19 days, the infection is still present and another common factor is Humpback lung bacteria Many factors In the end, no miracles happened.

Young Karchai also revealed that Working with Uncle Khom a lot, very often Shocked by the incident Worried about knowing I have COVID? Because he knows that there are many underlying diseases Personally, very cute, never had a problem, never argued. Never had a problem with anyone You are a nice person. Used to go to film a drama and sleep in the same room as you

I know some senior management who knows Like a lot of faith Birthday of company owner Employees make money together to hire an uncle. In order to insult the boss, I like it very much. Tell is the best gift Let Aunt Khunchon curse Sra

I honestly said it was embarrassed.Their own first symptoms revealed three days of COVID treatment while having congenital disease, diabetes, and ischemic stroke. 7 days before the onset of symptoms and death


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