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Kanchanaburi finds 2 more COVID cases with latest timeline open – Post Today Regional News

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Kanchanaburi finds 2 more COVID cases with latest timeline open

Date 21 January 2021 time 18:46

Kanchanaburi-Mueang Kanchan found two more COVID-19 cases, the sixth and the seventh, an 8-year-old boy and a 33-year-old man returned from operation to investigate the disease in Samut Sakhon.

On 21 Jan ’64, the Kanchanaburi Provincial Public Health Office reported that two new cases of COVID-19 were found, the sixth and the seventh of the new outbreaks in Kanchanaburi.

Timeline of patient 6 is a boy aged 8 years living in Bangkok as follows:

On December 9, 2020, studying at a school in Bangkok, the last day.

On 10-19 Dec’20, living at home with parents and younger sister who work in Bangkok.

On 20 Dec ’20, we go back to visit my relatives at Nong Sano Sub-district, Lao Khwan District, Kanchanaburi Province. Because the mother work to work as work from home

Date 21 – 25 Dec ’20, staying at Ban Relat, Nong Sano Subdistrict, Lao Khwan District, Kanchanaburi Province

26-27 Dec ’20 go shopping at Lao Khwan Market

Date 28-31 Dec ’20, staying at Ban Relat, Nong Sano Sub-district, Lao Khwan District

On 1-3 Jan ’64, go out to shop at Lao Khwan Fresh Market.

Day 4-14 Jan ’64, staying at home

On January 15, 64, the mother found corona virus remains at 9:30 p.m. received treatment at Makarak Hospital (father, mother, sister, grandmother, patient).

On January 16, 64 Results of parents did not detect the coronavirus.

On January 17, ’64, the results of a test for the coronavirus infection of the patient were ambiguous.

On January 18, ’64, parents, sister and patient were found to be immune to coronavirus infection.

On 19 Jan ’64, the results of the coronavirus infection confirmed.

As for Timeline, the seventh patient, a 33-year-old male, is a staff worker in Samut Sakhon Province.

From 11-14 Jan ’64, perform disease investigation work in Samut Sakhon Province.

On January 15, 64 at 8.00 am. Staff Sor Kor Por Sor 5, Ratchaburi called to inform that the same team is working Pholtharee found 1 case of the coronavirus.

Date 15-19 Jan ’64, detained at the home.

Date: 20 Jan ’64 at 8:00 a.m. Check for coronavirus infection.

On 21 Jan ’64, the results of coronavirus infection. Received treatment at 19th Crown Prince Hospital

As for those who are close and not close Disease investigation teams have taken high-risk and low-risk people into detention. In addition, they must refrain from going to the community, isolating the utensils from others, monitoring and observing their symptoms, measuring their own fever every day for 14 days, and checking for the virus. For patients infected with COVID-19 After receiving treatment until sterile and able to return home, the remaining four cases are still infected with COVID-19, a 6-year-old girl who is the daughter of a third and fourth patient. 6 years old has improved accordingly Expected around 25 January to reach this. Will be able to return home to a normal life By following measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus Strictly

However, Kanchanaburi Province has the total number of infected people treated in the hospital, number 3.


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