Kang Ho-dong’s galbi curry ramen recipe was repeatedly criticized by Japanese customers as “delicious” (Brother Ramen)

Kang Ho-dong’s improvised short rib curry ramen was well received by Japanese customers.

In TV Chosun, Discovery Channel Korea’s ‘Brother Ramen’, broadcast on June 5, the first meeting of Lee Seung-gi, Bae In-hyuk, and Kang Ho-dong was filmed.

On this day, the members were shocked when all the menus except the East Sea Water Ramen, which was introduced on the first day of business, were removed. As a result of the voting, if even one person reacted negatively to the menu, the rule was that the menu could not be sold again.

The members tore up the menu board with bitter expressions. Kang Ho-dong sighed and said, “That’s really true. It’s a dish that can’t be recovered.”

The members now had to find a new menu. Lee Seung-gi asked Kang Ho-dong, “Tell me the recipe for (galbi curry ramen).” At this, Kang Ho-dong made a confused expression.

Galbi’s curry ramen was an improvised ramen made by adding curry to Kang Ho-dong’s leftover ribs.

Seeing Kang Ho-dong hesitate, Lee Seung-gi complained, “We do business together, where is yours or mine?”

After that, the business started a second day. Three Japanese customers ordered Galbi Curry Ramen and shouted “delicious”.

To Lee Seung-gi’s careful question, “How is the liver?”, he replied, “It’s not salty.”

A Japanese customer said, “Curry ramen is from Hokkaido,” and Lee Seung-gi, who heard him, asked, “Is it better than Hokkaido curry ramen?” A Japanese customer replied, “The taste is stronger.” Lee Seung-gi gave the customer’s review to Kang Ho-dong, and Kang Ho-dong laughed, saying, “I put a lot of curry powder.”

iMBC Entertainment News Photo

iMBC Entertainment News Photo

iMBC Entertainment News Photo

Meanwhile, ‘Brother Ramen’, which airs every Monday at 10:00 pm, is a program to capture the taste of Japanese people who are familiar with ramen and to promote K-ramen more widely in Japan, the home of ramen.

iMBC Lee So-yeon | CHOSUN TV Capture Screen

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