Kang Jung-ho’s comeback failed… KBO, player contract not approved

Judged at the discretion of the governor… “Fear of undermining the league’s development and protection of rights and interests”

Kang Jeong-ho

Kang Jeong-ho (35), who caused a scandal due to a hit and run while driving under the influence of alcohol, failed again in his attempt to return to the KBO League.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced on the 29th, “We have decided not to approve Kang Jung-ho’s player contract.”

The KBO said, “Kang Jung-ho was punished for driving under the influence three times, and in the third drunk driving, he caused a traffic accident and then ran away,” the KBO said. not,” he said.

In addition, the KBO stated, “This decision is subject to legal review based on Article 44 Paragraph 4 of the KBO Rules (the governor may not approve a player contract with a player who is likely to undermine the development of the league and the protection of the KBO’s rights and interests). It was done through it,” he added. This means that KBO President Huh Gu-yeon did not approve Kang Jung-ho’s return at the ex officio level.

Previously, Kang Jung-ho’s original team caused controversy by announcing that Kiwoom Heroes signed a contract with Kang Jung-ho for the 2022 season on the 17th of last month.

At the time, Kiwoom said, “I wanted to give Jung-ho Kang one last chance to finish as a baseball player, so I was recruiting him.”

After the announcement, there was a lot of criticism, but Kiwoom pushed ahead with the decision to recruit Kang Jung-ho. However, this time, the KBO put the brakes and the recruitment was canceled.

Kiwoom general manager Koh Hyeong-wook said on the 29th, “This is an unexpected result, and we need time to discuss internally.”

On the other hand, Kang Jung-ho was sentenced to a fine of 1 million won and a fine of 3 million won, respectively, for drunk driving twice in 2009 and 2011. The driver’s license was revoked due to the three strikeout system applied to the facility damage accident.

Kang Jung-ho was referred to a formal trial and sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of probation.

Kang Jung-ho, who could not recover in Pittsburgh, tried to return to Korea in 2020, but withdrew due to criticism from public opinion.


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