Home Entertainment Kang Ye-bin, ‘Best Glamor Certification’ at the golf course… “This is a body foul.”

Kang Ye-bin, ‘Best Glamor Certification’ at the golf course… “This is a body foul.”

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Actress Kang Ye-bin Instagram capture © News 1

Actress Kang Ye-bin left a certification shot at the golf course and proved her superior glamorous body.

On the 28th, actress Kang Ye-bin released a recent golf round on her SNS, saying, “Autumn is the season of golf, what should I do with the color of the clothes?”

Then, he announced the fact that he had received the clothes as a gift, saying, “I got it as a gift, and tell me to play more golf. The color is really luxurious and it’s Italian leather, so I’m very grateful.”

In the published photo, Kang Ye-bin is wearing a short pink skirt and a brightly colored top with golf wear, and is posing on the lawn while looking at the sky.

On this day, Kang Ye-bin stylistically colored the field with a wonderful sense of pensiveness and a beautiful smile.

Above all, her perfect S-line body, like the best glamor in the entertainment industry, was enough to draw admiration from the viewers.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “You are so beautiful and attractive”, “You went to play golf and took a pictorial”, “The day after tomorrow, you’re irresistible, but it’s a foul to have a body like this with such a beauty.”

On the other hand, Kang Ye-bin made her name as an actress and entertainer by appearing in the movie ‘Family Glory 4’ and tvN’s ‘Rude Miss Young-ae’. Currently, he is meeting with home fans through Channel View’s current affairs ‘My Life’s Valuable Choice 3’.

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