Kangolan Manu Nenikam was fortunate enough to be blessed with a Bhagwati kolam at Payyannur Korom Muchilot.

Payyannur: Kangolan Manu Nenikam was fortunate enough to be blessed with Korom Muchilot Bhagavathy. Manu Nenikam got the second chance to become Kolakarranarana of Bhagavathy.

Last time, Manu Nenikam was lucky enough to be the charioteer of Bhagwati for the Korom Sree Muchilot Bhagwathi Temple Perungkaliyat. Kangolan Manu Nenikam is a Theyam artiste who had the good fortune to be the Koladhari of Muchilot Bhagavathy for two consecutive Perungkaliyats. Although his name is Manoharan Nenikam, he is known by the short name Manu Nenikam among Theiya lovers. He started learning Theiyam lessons from his Kangolan uncle Chindan Nenikam, a famous Theiyam and Koladhari artist.

There are not many things that are not related to beauty. He built many Theiyakolams like Bhagavatis, Vettakarumakan, Urpachassi, Kannangat Bhagavathy, Tiger Gods and Thiruvargat Bhagavathy, the giant furry Thiruvarkat Bhagavathy of Chamakau. He has been active in the field of Theyam for the last 35 years.

Manu Nenikam is the son of the late Eramangalam Raman and Karthyaaniamma of the Kangolan family. Bindu is the woman, and during the next 9 days, the mind and body are ready to wear Muchilot Bhagwati’s kolam. Nenikam has started the Vritham in a kuchil specially prepared for this purpose.

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