‘Kanna’ Kim Chang-dong to play in ‘Nongshim’ in 2022… Nongshim “Complete difficulties in the process well” [오피셜]

(Export News Correspondent Choi Ji-young) ‘Kanna’ Chang-dong Kim is scheduled to play an active role as the top laner of Nongshim.

On the 25th, Nongshim Red Force side announced the news of Kim Chang-dong joining, saying, “Welcome Canna! ‘Canna’ Kim Chang-dong is with Nongshim Red Force.”

A representative of Nongshim Red Force emphasized, “We would like to express our welcome and gratitude to the players who have successfully completed the process and decided to join the team with a happy heart.”

In addition, he said, “We ask for your interest and support for Canna, who will show a great image at the Nongshim Red Force in 2022.”

Kim Chang-dong, the biggest hot topic in the Stove League. Eventually, he joined Nongshim. Recently, T1, Kim Chang-dong’s agency, Nongshim, etc. have disclosed each other’s positions regarding Kim Chang-dong’s transfer.

The transfer process was difficult, but Kim Chang-dong is preparing for next season at Nongshim. As a result, Nongshim has confirmed ‘Kanna’ for the top, Jin-hyeok ‘Dread’ Lee Jin-hyeok as the jungler, Bo-seong ‘BD’ Kwak for the mid, Yong-jun ‘Ghost’ Yong-jun for the one deal, and Sang-ho ‘Effort’ Lee as the supporter.

Photo = Nongshim SNS

By Choi Ji-young, staff reporter



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