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A visit was conducted by Kannakkara students at Pathiramanal.

Saturday, September 24, 2022 12:42 AM IST

Kumarakam: Govt boat halfway across Vembanad lake In Ramanal Dweep, students, teachers and students are protected Had an interview with you. Sing songs to the wind and be happy with the children.Nkuvaikkan Upazila Education Officer and Block Project Coordinator with The Kurun Sangam has the support of the people on the boat and the helpers Current semi-sand condition in the middle of Vembanad lake For a change and inspiration to other schools and groups Kannkara St. Theresina LP School in Thanneermukkam Panchayat Children, Parents and Teachers Closed to Pathiramanal Island It was decided to make the trip.
All children in classes one to four and their parents Going around Pathiramanal Island with teachers. Climbing the sprawling trees and vines They were very happy. Many rare plants in Pathiramanal Dweep, a tourist center We are also very raised in a way reminiscent of Jurassic Park. Lulla trees, reptiles and jungles have been grown in some countries All the sounds of the licks the impression the children have of having arrived in some dream world Half of them are only a kilometer and a half away from their homes, and many parents came to Manal Dweep for the first time.

The President of the Parents and Teachers Association, Jalo P. was on the island. In the PTA general meeting chaired by Sreedharan, BA Block Project Coordinator RC TO added Salmon held a class for parents.
Chertala Upazila Education Officer PK Principal Thomas inaugurates Eco Club at Shailaja School Awarded to Animootil. UB Spoke Soman and Purushothaman Pillai, the initiators.
Only diesel charge is charged by the state water transport department A boat from the Kannakkara station arrived to rescue the children and their parents.He took Ndu as a ride.
Teacher Shini K. John, Ashley Saji and Sanitha P. Benny, KP Manju and PTA officers conducted the program.

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