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On the 10th broadcast “Tamamusubi” (TBS Radio), comedian Kanning Takeyama thought about Kanto Daiichi High School, who declined the semi-final due to a positive reaction of the new coronavirus at the national high school soccer championship. Told.

At the beginning of the “Weekly Nippon Air” section of the program, columnist Takashi Odajima is scheduled for the 8th due to the positive reaction of the new Corona by two registered players from the story of the sports event at the beginning of the year. He mentioned that he had declined the semi-final match with Ozu High School.

Mr. Odashima said, “It’s a pity, isn’t it? There are times when that happens,” and Takeyama continues, “I’m a little sorry, somehow.”

Even on SNS etc., there are many cases where vaccination progresses and even if corona develops, it is asymptomatic or mild, so there are many voices reluctant to participate in the school, and Takeyama also said, “It’s a little unreasonable. I wonder if I’ve been able to do something like that … I wonder if I can do something about it. ” Mr. Odashima also regretted, “I’ve been playing soccer for three years and the end isn’t possible to play.”

In addition, the match between Japan and Uzbekistan in the Kirin Challenge Cup 2022 was canceled due to the spread of infection with the new Corona Omicron strain worldwide. For the Japanese national team, it was an important adjustment match toward the end of the final qualifying round in Asia, and Mr. Odashima said, “It’s difficult to strengthen and schedule. After all, Corona has a big influence. I can’t go to Japan either. “

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