Kansas City Weather: Ice Turning On Road, Sailing in the Boyne Point

Wintry mix of Kansas City area roads, boosts and many parking with ice glaze in early Sunday depends on slick conditions for anyone traveling in the area.

People will be taking control of Sunday morning trying to allow more time to scratch ice from windshields & # 39; and windows of their vehicles.

The Kansas City area is under winter weather consultation until noon on Friday because ice and snow can create slick conditions.

It was hoped that the wintry mix would gradually come from southwest to afternoon before the early afternoon of Sunday, according to the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill. Expecting glazing of ice light as well as dust up to an inch of snow.

Transport departments in Kansas and Missouri said Sunday morning would work to clean water on the highways of the city areas.

"There is no 100 percent ice treatment," said Kansas City of Transportation Kansas metropolitan offices on Twitter. "It's very important to plan driving drivers when you are out. Do not accept that we have cleared roads, b / c (because) you would be wrong."

The Missouri Transportation Department in Kansas City said the roads across the metro are partly covered. They ask drivers to tackle them and take their time if they need to go on the morning of Sunday.

The driver department also asked a lot to give their tree room so that they could work.

It was hoped that another round of momentum would be taken into the Kansas City area south to late Sunday early Monday. Snow goes freezing and light snow to rain Monday.

There was some uncertainty in the forecast because more rain could have a warmer temperature on Mondays, and with a sharper mix, the weather service said.

Gradually, the precipitation will change to a cute mix as temperatures come back to Monday night. The wintry mix will appear on Tuesday morning, leaving behind a snow and ice collection, according to the National Weather Service.

Olathe said he had a litter to treat streets overnight. But some rainfall was freezing so that some slic spots could exist. The city planned to continue plowing and cleaning from the last storm.

He expected warmer temperatures to help make the salt treatment more efficient.


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