Kansas To 'Leftoverture & # 39'; 'Point Of Know Return Return'; Back-on-back In New York City

Kansas To 'Leftoverture & # 39'; & amp; Return back in New York City

For one night at The Beacon Theater in New York City, KANSAS, the biggest progressive rock band in America, will be making two of Leftoverture's most famous albums, and Point of Know Return, in full. On Saturday, December 14, 2019, KANSAS will be showing both multi-platinum albums as well as a fan choice. Ultimate Classic Rock announced the concert event here: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/kansas-beacon-2019.

KANSAS VIP Tickets and Packs go on sale to the general public on Friday, 17 May, 2019. Tickets are available at www.kansasband.com.

KANSAS showed the Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour in 2016 to celebrate the band's album. The amount started began as a concept of 10 concerts to over 80 performances in selected cities during 2016-2017. Based on this popularity, KANSAS continued this journey with the Point of Know Commemoration Return Trip in 2018. These performances will expand to 2020 and cities, including Atlanta, have a large and enthusiastic audience. ; Nashville, TN; Pittsburgh, PA; Chicago, IL; St. Louis, MO; Kansas City, MO; San Antonio, TX; Dallas, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Worcester, MA; Clearwater, FL; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Baltimore, MD; Denver, CO; San Diego, CA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and Los Angeles, CA.

In 1976, KANSAS released the album Leftoverture. The song “Carry On Wayward Son”, and the audience was selling, “as well as viewers of the audience as“ The Wall, ”“ Miracles Out Of Nowhere, ”and“ What & # 39; s On My Mind, "Leftoverture emerged as the band's debut album. The album was a highlight at # 5 on Billboard album charts and reached flat platinum status and sold over six million copies.

In 1977, KANSAS continued the success of Leftoverture by releasing the album Point of Know Return. One of the top sales "Dust in the Wind" sold by a million, as well as a fan choice such as "Portrait (Six Knew)," "Closet Chronicles," and "Paradox," was Point of Know. Return the best selling studio album. The album was a highlight at # 4 on Billboard album charts, reached flat platinum status and sold over six million copies, and there were three Hot 100 Billboard Hot.

“The Leftoverture and Point of Know Return are KANSAS's two biggest albums,” says KANSASdrummer and original member Phil Ehart. "Over 80 people have been producing the album albumsLeftoverture as a whole. We are currently making the album Point of Know Return in selected cities, so for one night we thought it would be exciting." T for fans we saw We thought that this concert was a great way to provide an exclamation point on 2019, before the Pointer Commemorative Return Tour begins by the end of January. "

Performances on the Point of Know Commemoration Tour begin with an acoustic set of SomeKANSAS Favorites before the band begins in an extended series containing a traditional KANSAS sound wall. "

"You have not seen many more famous theaters than The Beacon Theater in New York City," said Zak Rizvi, guitarist. "While in New York City during the holidays, as someone who grew up with KANSAS fans, this is a concert I would attend. Between touring and recording new albums, 2019 was already underway. to be incredible for this concert will be very much ahead. "

KANSAS is currently made up of original drummer Phil Ehart, bassist / singer Billy Greer, singer / keyboard Ronnie Platt, violinist / guitarist David Ragsdale, keyboards Tom Brislin, guitarist Zak Rizvi, and original guitarist Richard Williams. Originally established in 1973 in Topeka, KS, the band KANSAS: Miracles Out of Nowhere is currently filmed on AXSTV. KANSAS has released 15 studio albums, including its latest release, The Prelude Implicit (2016), and plans to release another new studio album in 2020. KANSAS continues to follow. face; operating in front of a large and enthusiastic audience worldwide.



September 11 Spokane, WA First Interstate Center for the Arts

September 13 Santa Rosa, CA Luther Burbank Center

14 September Stockton, CA Theater CA Bob Hope

September 17 Bakersfield, CA Fox Theater

September 19 Mesa, AZ Ikeda Theater

September 21 Salt Lake City, Eccles Theater UT

September 22 Cheyenne, Cheyenne Civic Center

September 27 Tulsa, Brady Theater OK

September 28 City Park, Arena KS Hartman

4 October Topeka, KS Topeka Performing Arts Center

October 5 Omaha, NE Orpheum Theater

11 October Wausau, The Grand Theater WI

12 October Minneapolis, MN State Theater

18 October Champaign, IL Virginia Theater

October 19 Waukegan, IL Genesee Theater

25 October Concord, NH Capitol Center for the Arts

October 26 Albany, NY Palace Theater

1 November Quebec City, QC Grand Théâtre de Quebec

November 2 Montreal, QC Théâtre St-Denis

8 November Rochester Theater, NY Kodak Center

9 November Erie, PA Warner Theater

16 November Durham, NC Durham Performance Arts Center

22 November Richmond, KY EKU Center for the Arts

November 23 Huntsville, AL Mark C. Smith Hall at Von Braun Center

6 December Corpus Christi, TX Selena Auditorium

December 7 Land Sugar, TX Smart Finance Center at Sugar Land

December 14 New York, NY The Beacon Theater *

January 31, 2020 Savannah, GA Johnny Mercer Theater

February 1, 2020 Jacksonville Theater, FL Florida

February 3, 2020 The Villages, FL Center Sharon L. Morse for the Performing Arts

February 4, 2020 The Villages, FL Center Sharon L. Morse for the Performing Arts

February 6, 2020 Fort Myers, FL Barbara B. Mann Hall of Performing Arts

7 February, 2020 Melbourne, FL Performing Arts Center

* Special Performance. It is not part of the Tour Tour

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