Kansas's judge calls for adolescent attacks in the case of sexual abuse and gives the defendant's reduced sentence

Prosecutors are thinking of sending an appeal after the judge nominated two "offensive" teenage girls, in the case of a 67 year old man convicted in the case of an application and reduced his sentence.

Last December, Raymond Soden from Leavenworth, Kansas, pleaded guilty to the application of electronic applications, after sending messages to a 13 year old girl and offering her for nude photos and sexual acts.

He was told at the time of guilty poets, to be sent to prison.

But judge Michael Gibbens told court that he was sentenced to Soden directly to five years and 10 months in prison – eight years less than known Kansas sentences.

He claimed that the two girls involved – 13 and 14 years old – because of the blame of what happened, The Kansas City Star reporting.

"I think the victims in this case, in particular, were more inaccurate than a participant in criminal behavior," said Mr Gibbens, before sentenced to Sidé. "They were definitely selling monetically things that it is even an adult's law to sell."

The newspaper said that Sodé lawyer, Clinton Lee, called the lower sentence saying "Sodom's" prisoner is a "sentence base". The lawyer also claimed that the alleged girls did have had a Rob Soden and that their older sister was the person who had arranged for them to comply with the convicted person.

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The decision of the judge has been urged to be incredible among prosecutors and a child protection counsel.

When prosecutor Joan Lowdon questioned the judge's rationale for the sentence decision, he told her that she had something to do on an appeal.

Leavenworth County Todd Thompson prosecutor said Star: "We have looked at filing an appeal, but we do not make a decision. We will always try to advocate victims and community safety in every case we will continue."

Michelle Herman, president and CEO of Sunflower House, advocacy center for children said: "These girls are minors, the victims are the trustees."

She said: "The sexual assault is never the victim's fault. No matter what the girls did or not, it's still an adult and no one has to take advantage of sex."

The judge refused to give traffic to the newspaper because of his actions.


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