Kantara | The court said that the song ‘Varaharupam’ from Kantara should not be used without the permission of Thaikudam Bridge

The court intervened in the high-profile plagiarism controversy over the song Varaharupam in the Kannada film Kantara, which is being discussed by the entire Indian film world. The controversy that it is a copy of the song Navarasam by the leading music band Thaikudam Bridge was raised from several angles. After this, the court intervened in the matter.

The Chief Sessions Court of Kozhikode District ordered that the song Varaharupam, which was allegedly plagiarized in Kantara, cannot be used without the permission of Thaikudam Bridge.

The court case is on a petition filed by Thaikudam Bridge. Supreme Court lawyer Satish Murthy appeared in court for Thaikudam Bridge.

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The court also banned the film’s director, producer and music director from using the Varaharupam song on online platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, Wink and JioSave.

Thaikudam Bridge itself informed this through their social media pages. Thaikudam Bridge said they are grateful to everyone who has been with them.

After the court verdict, the Kantara activists asked the theaters and social media platforms to stop showing the Varaharupam song.

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