Kara releases the first MV teaser for the special album’s title song… Hallyu queen with toast

↑ Group KARA returns as a complete group. Photo = RBW

Group Kara (KARA) is coming back as a complete group.
Kara (Park Gyu-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Nicole, Kang Ji-young, and Heo Young-ji) posted the first music video teaser for the title song ‘WHEN I SOVE’ from the special album ‘MOVE AGAIN’ on the official website at midnight on the 27th.
In the video, members wearing colorful dresses appear in the background of the party, drawing attention. Those sitting around the table toast with bright smiles.
Then, the song “Don’t hesitate, what about it” comes out, and the silhouettes of the five members appear in front of a magnificent set with heart-shaped crowns.
As the representative players who led the Korean wave crash, the strong will and aspirations of the five members who want to show Kara’s beautiful appearance on stage again can be felt.
The title song ‘WHEN I MOVE’ is impressive with a millennial style arrangement, and members Kang Ji-young and Nicole participated in writing the lyrics in Korean.
Here, Kang Ji-young added her own color to Kara by posting her name on the composition team.
‘SYMUD ETO’ is Kara’s first album to celebrate her 15th birthday after 7 years and 6 months.
As all the members participate in songwriting and album production, it is expected to be a special gift for fans who have been waiting for Kara’s return for a long time.
Meanwhile, Kara will release a special album ‘SYMUD ETO’ through various online music sites at 6 pm on the 29th.
On the same day, they will have their first comeback stage at the ‘2022 MAMA Awards’ held at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan.
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