KARA returns to release a new album after 7 years jqknews

  China Entertainment Network News www.yule.com.cn On September 19, according to Korean media reports, girl group KARA will make a full comeback after 7 years and release a new album, which has attracted strong attention.

RBW said on the 19th, “KARA will release its 15th anniversary album in November, and the 15th anniversary album released after a long time together will support KARA members to express their feelings to fans as much as possible.”

KARA’s complete album this time is said to be released after 7 years after the mini-album “In Love” released in May 2015. It not only features members Park Gyu-ri, Han Seung-yeon , Heo Young-ji , but also members who quit in 2014. Nicole and Jiang Zhiying also joined him, and the complete album with the 5 members is even more significant.

KARA’s 15th anniversary album will be released on RBW from DSP Media, the company that bought KARA’s One. The members said that this is an album for fans who have given love and support consistently for a long time, and hope to enjoy it with fans as an album full of happiness and positive energy as a celebration.

In addition, KARA will appear in various programs as well as release a 15th anniversary album.

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