Kardashians urged to cut ties with fertility doctor who “ used his own sperm to impregnate women ”

A fertility doctor who appeared in Keeping Up With The Kardashians was accused of getting women pregnant with his own sperm.

Dr. Phillip Milgram, who was seen giving medical advice and treatment to the famous family, had a lawsuit against fertility.

A San Diego woman approached Dr. Milgram for help with artificial insemination in 1988.

The procedure led to the birth of her son.

But now Milgram is said to have lied when he told the patient he was using sperm from an anonymous, healthy donor, and instead intentionally inserted his own sperm into her.

Milgram was seen on the show on October 1, when she delivered an IV treatment to Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s three children, after he complained of feeling drained and tired all the time.

Dr. Phillip Milgram appeared in Keeping Up With The Kardashians

It wasn’t revealed to viewers that the doctor, who has a history of playing chess in California, New York and Las Vegas, had a lawsuit against him just two weeks before airing.

Now, Adam Wolf, a prominent US attorney dealing with fertility, in vitro fertilization and related genetic material lawsuits, is urging the famous family and show producers to distance themselves from Milgram.

The lawsuit naming Milgram contains a number of troubling claims.

He was seen giving IV treatment to Scott Disick

He says, “Based on allegations involving his mistreatment of numerous patients in 1992-93, (Milgram) surrendered his medical license in California in 1999. The Board of Medicine charged him with gross negligence, repeated acts of negligence , incompetence, failure to maintain proper medical records, overtreatment, prescribing Xanax and Prozac to his girlfriend-nurse (a drug addict who died of suicide shortly thereafter) without a bona fide examination or medical indication to support the prescription, practicing the medicine while intoxicated and using drugs or alcohol in a way that is harmful to himself.

“The defendant was accused of performing an abortion on a patient who was not pregnant, performing other unnecessary surgical procedures and not obtaining informed consent for the surgical procedures. New York suspended his license in the same. period”.

It further states: “In 1999, the defendant was living and practicing in Nevada, but did not initially inform the state licensing authority of the charges and the surrender of his license in California or that his license had been suspended at New York Nevada revoked the defendant’s medical treatment effective September 13, 2000 due to its failure to provide such notification.

A lawyer is urging the Kardashians to cut ties with him

“As part of the proceedings that preceded his (2004) reintegration into medical practice, the defendant admitted that he probably treated patients while they were under the influence of drugs.”

Mr. Wolf adds in his letter to show the bosses: “Of course, I know that neither Kim Kardashian nor anyone associated with Keeping Up With the Kardashians will knowingly promote the services of someone with Dr. Milgram’s background.

“I am well aware that you would not want to intentionally advertise as a medical expert and implicitly support someone like Dr. Milgram. More specifically, I don’t think anyone of Ms. Kardashian’s demonstrated leadership on fertility issues would throw a positive spotlight on a medical professional currently on trial. for fertility fraud “.

The Kardashian representative declined to comment.

Mirror Online also reached out to Dr. Milgram for comment.


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