Karnan is coming, Dhanush announces the completion of the film

Karnan is a new movie starring Dhanush. The film is directed by Mari Selvaraj. The photos of the film were rippled online. Now Dhanush has informed that the movie is over. Dhanush has shared a photo of himself and the director. The heroine of the movie is Malayalee actress Rajisha.

This is the first time that Mari Selvaraj and Dhanush have teamed up. Mari Selvaraj is the director of the movie Pariyerum Perumal. This is Rajisha’s first Tamil film. Malayalee actor Lal is also starring in the film. Dhanush’s acting will be the highlight of the film. Santosh Narayanan is the music director of the film.

It is not clear what the theme of the film is.

Dhanush thanked his film colleagues for completing the shooting.

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