karthik surya, iPhone 14 by donating one and a half lakh rupee coins; Karthik Surya again as a wave – vlogger karthik surya buy iphone 14 pro max with coins

Thiruvananthapuram: Vlogger Karthika Surya made waves by buying an iPhone again by paying coins. Karthika starts the vlog by saying ‘Kerala has never seen an iPhone purchase’. The new phone was bought as a testament to a huge fan base called the ‘D2D Army’.

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However, this is not the first incident for Karthik Surya. Three years ago, I bought the iPhone by paying Rs. The first phone was obtained from a shop in Thiruvananthapuram. However, this time the new phone has been procured from Alappuzha.

Karthik bought the phone on September 16. Karthik brought the JCB to the shop full of cash. Karthik has achieved this record on the first day when the company introduced the iPhone 14.

The pennies are counted with the help of friends. Karthik bought the phone after mistakenly interacting with the subscribers set up outside the shop. Fans welcomed Karthik accompanied by Chendamela.

Two days ago, Karthik himself had said this on social media. He also told the fans to get to the area. Karthik’s fans were waiting with many gifts to mark his arrival.

Karthik also says in his vlog that his love for iPhone is an attempt to erase an old wound in his mind. He told his fans that if he has bought an iPhone like this, it is a sweet revenge against the injustice and hardship that has happened to him in the past. He took a picture with the fans.

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Karthika Surya is a noted vlogger with many such vlogs. Earlier, he had grabbed attention by tipping the delivery boy and the grandmother on the side of the road. Earlier, Karthik told Malayalam that such an experiment has been done for diversity in vlogging.

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