Kasargod: A mother killed her endosulfan victim daughter in Kasargod Kasargod

Kasargod: A mother committed suicide after killing her daughter who was suffering from endosulfan at Balamthodu Ottamala in Rajapuram Panathadi panchayath. The deceased have been identified as Vimalakumari (58) and her daughter Reshma (28) of Chamundikunnu, Rajapuram.

They were found dead by the wife of Vimalakumari’s son who reached home around 2 pm on Monday. Reshma was found dead in bed and Vimala was found hanging from a kitchen sink. According to police, Reshma’s mother may have hanged herself after she was strangled to death. Reshma has a cut on her neck


Vimalakumari |  Kasargod Death


Vimala was a cook in Chamundikunnu Govt. High School. Reshma, who was an inmate of a care home under the Department of Social Justice, was scheduled to return home on Sunday. But Reshma was adamant that she would not go. According to the police, there was a dispute between the mother and daughter over the matter. He is suspected to have killed his daughter as she could not leave home and go to work.

Vimalakumari’s husband Raghunathan Nair had died earlier. Besides Reshma, they have two sons. The endosulfan victims received Rs 5 lakh as compensation. Locals say there was no financial crisis. The inquest proceedings were completed following a forensic examination following the suspicion of death.

English Summary: Mother commits suicide after killing daughter who was an endosulphan victim at Kasargod

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