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Kasargod: Kasargod district collector Bhandari Swagat Ranveer has gone on leave amid controversy over the CPM district convention. The holiday is from tomorrow until February 1st. Instead the ADM is in charge. The explanation is that he is going on leave due to personal reasons.

It was ordered to cancel all public events in the district but its subsequent cancellation led to controversy. It was alleged that the withdrawal of the order was due to pressure from the party to hold a CPM district convention. The Collector had come to the scene denying this allegation.

The first order was that the organizers should suspend all pre-arranged events in the event of a Kovid increase. The order was issued against the backdrop of an average of 30.5 per cent of the test positivity rates reported in the district on 18,19,20. But within half an hour the order was withdrawn.

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A petition has been filed in the high court challenging the action of the Kasargod Collector in lifting the ban on public meetings. It is alleged in the petition that the Collector canceled the order as the CPM meeting was going on.

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The High Court came out against the party convention in this petition. The court ruled that meetings of political parties were special and that meetings of more than 50 people should be banned.

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