‘Kasem’ flexes muscles to win ‘Muscle and Physique Thailand’ bodybuilding championship

‘Kasem’ flexes muscles to win ‘Muscle and Physique Thailand’ bodybuilding championship

Bodybuilding and fitness competition, “Thailand Muscle and Physique Championship 2022” or “Road to Mister Thailand” for the year 2023, field 3 at Central Chonburi Shopping Center is the last day of the competition on 18 September

about the result Bodybuilding category, male master, 50 years and older, with many national teams competing, results 1st Kasem Sirisoet (Narlabs) 2nd national team Suvijak Pinthurakai (after fitness) 3rd national team Sakorn Matwang Sang World Champion ( Paragon Gym) at 4 Pakin Phubodee Ekkadet (Srisompong Gym) at 5 Anu Boonton (Bodybuilding Camp, Chanthaburi)

Men’s bodybuilding, weight no more than 75 kg 1 Surasak Panruang (Phra Phutthabat Fitness) 2019 World Champion in 2 Prinya Ai Mei (Top Gym) former national team 3 Songpol Buakhli (Bodybuilding Camp, Chanthaburi Province) 4th place Tawit Phuangphet ( Bodybuilding) Sport, Chanthaburi Province) 5th place Kongthit Woracharoenthanakul (Pee Kong Gym)

Men’s physical body, weight not more than 85 kg 1 Itthiphat (Phanupong) Prateep (Narlabs) 2nd national team Thanakrit Prachantasen (Narlabs) 3rd national team Throne Mano Yos (Ban Nak Mam, Phayao Province, Bodybuilding, Phayao Province) 4th Oran Panichphan ( Body Building) Club, Rayong Province) 5th Siwakorn Luenjai (Body Building Club, Nonthaburi)
Itthiphat (Phanupong) Prateep (Narlabs) revealed that the name change was because my girlfriend said it would improve our lives. after changing the name Can make him champion instantly.

Men’s bodybuilding body, overweight 85 kg. 1, Wichit Singthong (Nalabs), younger brother, Wichai Singthong, SEA Games national team athlete, 2nd place, Marut Buathet (Ban Nak Muscle, Phayao Province, bodybuilding, Phayao Province) in 3 Daddy Voorinen ( Finland) 4th December Pongdi ( Vegas Gym) 5th Ruslan Chubchenko (Russia)

Men’s Bodybuilding, 1st Uthamar Lautanyong (Kaywee) 2nd Cholakan Champanil (NaLabs) 3rd Chakrabhat Phongjirapat (Smash Gym) 4th Paramentara Phalasri (One More Gym) 5th Lupornthanaphat Phasit (Bodybuilding and Fitness Club, Nakhon Pathom Province)

Body Men’s body, weight category not over 65 kg 1st Phanom Wongdee (Power Mass Gold Gym and Fitness) 2nd Apisit Nakham (Trinity Fitness) 3rd Natthapong Eka (Sports Club) Body and Fitness, Nakhon Pathom Province) 4th Siwakorn Natunjai (Club Chiang Rai Body Building) 5th Incone Sriwilay (Laos)
female physical model Model height not more than 160 cm 1st Yupaporn Suay (Bodybuilding and Fitness Club, Nakhon Pathom Province) 2nd Sirapat Thadthai (Mahasarakham Muscle Gym) 3rd Kanchana Pankoti (One More Gym) 4th Thidarat Panpo (Bodybuilding Camp, Province Chanthaburi) 5th Monthi (Bodybuilding Club, Sisaket Province)

female physical model Model height not over 164 cm 1st Chaniphon Kaewchot (One More Gym) 2nd place Janyaporn Sriprasit (Yak Club) 3rd Phinpassorn Kitwornsirikul (Narlabs) 4th place Wilasinee Kositchaiwat (Bodybuilding and Fitness Club, Nakhon Pathom Province) No. 5 Nuannara Aromseree (TMT Pro Sport)

female physical model Model height over 164 cm, 1st place, Donporn Tanbunphairat (Bodybuilding Club, Sisaket Province), 2nd place, Manasan Annaphawan (Bodybuilding and Fitness Club, Nakhon Pathom Province), 3rd place, Sirinda Pansatha (Kay Wee) 4th place Benyapha Nitra Srisamut ( TMT Pro Sport) 5th Woravimon Pathummal Lakkhana (Bodybuilding and Fitness Sports Club, Nakhon Pathom Province)

Mr Sukree Supawareekul, President of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Association of Thailand revealed that although this program will be held for the first time in Chonburi But it has attracted many viewers to watch the competition. pa this item As well as being a platform for recruiting new stars to the national team, the association also has the association’s executive committee. and Thai national team training staff Let’s see the athletes in the Kandee unit. In order to choose to represent the Thai national team to the World Championships in Phuket on December 6-12

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