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Abolish the special status of Kashmir and implement it on an equal footing with other states in the country – this declared policy of the BJP was implemented soon after the second Modi government came to power. Following the partition of the state into a Union Territory, the political situation in Kashmir was revived with the lifting of restrictions imposed on leaders in Kashmir.

With seven parties, including the PDP and the National Conference, emerging as the Gupta alliance against the central government and the BJP, Pakistan and China are poised for potential clashes in Kashmir. Neighboring countries are trying hard to seize the opportunity by focusing on the allegations that Gupkar is allying with the old flag of Kashmir.

Gupkar alliance challenges Modi and Amit Shah

The Gupkar Alliance (People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration) was formed to fight together to regain the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. The alliance was formed after a meeting at former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah’s Gupkar Road residence. Farooq Abdullah is the president of the alliance formed by 7 parties. Former Chief Minister and PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti is the Vice President.

Muhammad Yusuf Tarigami of the CPM is the convener and Sajjad Lone spokesman for the People’s Conference. Gupkar is one of the most posh places in Srinagar. Dal Lake and the Shankaracharya Temple can be seen from here. Habitat of rulers since ancient times.

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah

With the rise of terrorism in 1989, the area became a high security zone. Mehbooba Mufti declared that she would not hesitate to shed blood in the struggle for special status. Farooq Abdullah has said that he will not die until the special status of Jammu and Kashmir is restored.

With this, the BJP leadership came out with a public attack on the alliance. The special status of Kashmir was taken away in August last year. Modi and Amit Shah reckoned that Kashmir, which had been declared a Union Territory, could be controlled directly from Delhi.

The promise was to return the state status after resolving the issues in Kashmir. But it is doubtful how far all these goals will go. The Gupkar alliance has become an obstacle to the BJP’s goals. Amit Shah described the alliance as an “unholy international alliance”.

Amit Shah and the BJP attacked

Amit Shah has accused the Gupkar gang of being an unholy international alliance working against the country’s interests. It was this mobilization against the BJP’s calculations in Kashmir that prompted Amit Shah to describe the Gupkar alliance as an anti-national group.

Amit Shah was angered when the alliance leaders announced that they would not hesitate to seek China’s help in restoring the special status of Kashmir. The leaders’ announcement comes as Pakistan and China are trying to capture Kashmir by any means. The BJP leadership is not worried about this announcement.


Amit Shah

Amit Shah said the alliance was also insulting India’s tricolor flag. Amit Shah opined that the Indian people will not tolerate an unholy global alliance that works against the national interest.

Asked what the Congress had to say about the alliance, Amit Shah said that even after 52 years of independence, Amit Shah, who did not hoist the national flag at the RSS headquarters and had an RSS background, should not be taught about patriotism.

The Gupkar alliance declared that it would be difficult to hoist the Indian flag only when special status was lost. But even in post-independence India, the Congress leaders responded that the RSS had distanced itself from the Indian flag.

BJP holds on to elections

The District Development Council (DDC) elections in Jammu and Kashmir will be held in eight phases from November 28. Election-related developments in the troubled state of Pulwama are worrying. Police have detained about 40 candidates on security charges. Candidate Abdul Khafar Wagai told a national media that although the nomination papers were submitted, they could not campaign or hold other events as they were blocked.


Former Chief Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti, Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah

He also alleged that the authorities were providing necessary facilities only to BJP candidates. Meanwhile, BJP candidate Javed Ahmed is campaigning with a large police presence. Javed said the PDP and the National Conference Party would definitely win in this stronghold. According to Javed Ahmed, the BJP will win all the 14 seats in Shopian.


But the police denied all the allegations made by the other candidates. Police say the restrictions were imposed for the safety of the candidates. The BJP has been the target of serious allegations in the first phase of the elections. The BJP aims to seize power in the first general election after the abolition of the special status. Other parties allege that the move is being controlled in Delhi itself.

Terrorism without end

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has claimed that the ban on banknotes has prevented terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir. The BJP had announced that with the abolition of the special status, terrorism would be completely suppressed. But the view was heard from some quarters that the successive attacks in Kashmir prove that these are all hollow declarations.

Security forces killed four Jaish-e-Muhammad militants in a clash on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway last Thursday. The truck carrying the terrorists, which had infiltrated from Pakistan, was stopped by the army near the city of Jammu. Terrorists were killed and two police officers were injured in the ensuing clash. A large cache of weapons, including 11 AK-47 rifles, was seized from the terrorists. The terrorists’ aim was to attack to disrupt the election.


On November 13, Pakistani troops launched artillery fire at Uri, Poonch and Kupwara along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir. Four Indian soldiers were martyred and three villagers were killed.

Eleven Pakistani soldiers were killed in a counter-attack by India. The police investigation also revealed that the locals of Jammu and Kashmir themselves were collaborating with the terrorists in many places. While Pakistan is claiming Kashmir soil, China, on the other hand, has intensified its encroachment efforts. The situation is such that the Indian Army has to defend both China and Pakistan at the same time.

Center says massive development is coming; Gupkar leaders call for exploitation

In Jammu and Kashmir, a ban on the purchase of land by outsiders was lifted on October 27 by a notification issued by the Union Home Ministry. With this, the system which had existed for 7 decades was abolished. But with the new notification, the people of Kashmir are worried.

There are fears that outsiders will invade the land in large numbers. Meanwhile, the Center has said that huge investments are waiting for Jammu and Kashmir. According to the central government, Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a huge boom in the industrial sector.


It is doubtful whether big companies will set up plants in Kashmir, which is under threat of terrorism. Concerns remain about what kind of people will come to buy land in Jammu and Kashmir and how the land will be used. Political parties in Kashmir allege that the influx of outsiders will make the indigenous people more vulnerable.

The incident on Saturday reinforces this allegation. The local government was not ready to smuggle Mehbooba Mufti to the sand mining site at Rambiara Nalla. She tweeted that Kashmir was an open prison and that the central government was insulting Kashmir when its resources were being plundered. They also alleged that the police were not prepared to take even the locals to the place where the illegal sand mining was taking place.

Gupkar sharpened the tension

On the one hand, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are worried about how the new laws will affect the rise in terrorism. Meanwhile, Gupkar formed an alliance with the major political parties threatening the central government and the BJP. The Gupkar alliance is trying to cultivate public sentiment against the central government. The central government fears that the Gupkar alliance will do little to woo the people.

If the alliance gets stronger, the Center will face a setback and China and Pakistan will take advantage of this situation. Pakistan and China are waiting for the right opportunity. As a first step, Pakistan is sending large numbers of terrorists to Jammu and Kashmir.


In the last week of October, three BJP workers were shot dead by terrorists in Kashmir. Amit Shah came out against the Gupkar alliance after realizing that the Gupkar alliance was likely to grow into an issue that would seriously affect India’s sovereignty.

The Gupkar alliance has been a major headache for both the central government and the BJP. That is why the BJP is making a move to seize power in the local elections in Kashmir anyway.

English Summary :Gupkar Alliance: What impact will it have on Kashmir’s changed political landscape?



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