Kasikorn Asset Management promotes Asian Equity, Healthcare and Mixed Funds, with the right to Shop Dee Mee in return.

Mr. Suradej Kiattanakorn Managing Director Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd. He revealed that Kasikorn Asset Management recommends starting an investment for the year of the rabbit with variousfundRecommend the two stock funds in Asia Healthcare stock funds and mixed funds that are diversified into different asset classes.

Willing to accept the right to bring together the front-end fee and the back-end fee not exceeding 30,000 bahtTax deduction year 2023 according to the project”Good shopping and have a good night 2023” with a period of 1 January – 15 February 2023

“For investors who can accept high risks This moment is considered a time when one can gradually invest in stock funds. especially in the Asian region due to the view that the gradual opening up of Asian countries will lead to a better economic growth development than the US and European side which is slowing down, whichfundThe recommendations corresponding to the above address are K-ASIACV, K-CCTV, K-CHINA, K-JP, K-VIETNAM and K-STAR. Those who have benefited from opening up the country or focus on diversifying investment into a variety of asset classes can gradually invest in K-GHEALTH, K-GHEALTH(UH), K-GINCOME, K-GA, K-PLAN2 and K-PLAN3 also.

Mr added investors can start investing easily with Kasikorn Thai Fund. With an investment of only 500 baht through K PLUS App, K-My Funds, Kasikorn Bank and supporters for sale and redemption of investment units

Investors can download a full tax invoice application form. together with a copy of ID card send back here wait for the original tax invoice to be used as evidence of tax deduction 2023 and can check the list of funds with sales fees and redemption fees on the kasikornasset website or ask for more information at the KAsset Contact Center 0 2673 3888

Investors, understand the features of the product. return conditions and pre-investment risks • Funds have different policies.


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