Kasikorn Bank Considering Acquisition of Vietnam Home Credit: Bank Clarifies Stand

KBANK Considers Business Opportunities in Vietnam

Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited (KBANK) has recently informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) about its exploration of potential business opportunities in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. While the bank is considering various options, it is essential to clarify that these deliberations may or may not lead to a transaction in the foreseeable future.

In response to recent reports by Reuters news agency, which quoted undisclosed sources, KBANK is apparently engaging in negotiations to acquire Vietnam Home Credit, a prominent non-bank financial institution. Operating in the retail lending sector, the company specializes in hire purchase loans for motorbikes, goods, and multipurpose loan products. With an impressive network of approximately 9,000 branches and a substantial customer base of 12 million, Vietnam Home Credit currently employs around 6,000 individuals.

KBANK has been actively discussing this potential merger with financial advisors; however, it is important to note that no final decision has been reached at this stage. In compliance with the regulations outlined by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, KBANK commits to providing timely updates and disclosures if a transaction materializes.

Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited or KBANK informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) according to the news that Kasikorn Bank (the bank) is considering the acquisition of Vietnam Home Credit, the bank would like to clarify that the bank is looking for various business opportunities. in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam continuously which may or may not result in a transaction taking place in any way; however, if a transaction occurs the Bank will disclose information in accordance with the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand in a timely manner.

After yesterday (Aug. 22), Reuters news agency reported the news citing news sources that KBANK is negotiating to get Vietnam Home Credit, a non-bank (other than a bank) financial institution that offers retail loans as hire purchase loans for motorbikes and goods. multipurpose loan It has about 6,000 employees, 12 million customers and 9,000 branches in Vietnam KBANK is in talks with financial advisers about the merger. Discussions are ongoing and no decision has been made.

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