Kasikorn Leasing Delighted to welcome Motor Expo 2022, launching new car purchase campaign, receiving 3 promotions per pilot using OCPB contract. new edition immediately

Kasikorn Leasing Open a campaign for the 39th Motor Expo, offering customers a new car with a red plate under the campaign. “Get a new car with KLeasing, get 3 promotions, get a chance to travel as a partner to watch the Japan Motor Show. And travel around Thailand, a total of 100 prizes, worth more than 2 million baht, plus free driving for 90 days, 0% down payment, and many free gifts The first to start using the hire purchase contract immediately below the announcement of the new OCPB. Moving forward in accordance with the Go Green Together policy to create a green society of Kasikorn Bank and emphasizing the strengths of offering special privileges to Kasikorn Bank’s customer base Ready to pack a strong campaign to launch new electric cars join car partners from different brands

Mr revealed Teerachat Jirajaratporn, Managing Director of Kasikorn Leasing Co, Ltd., that Kasikorn Leasing has launched a campaign for the 39th Motor Expo or Motor Expo 2022 under the concept “Get a new car with Kasikorn Leasing, get 3 promotions” Step 1: get a chance to win a couple’s travel package to Japan, visit the Tokyo Motor Show, worth 150,000 baht each, 15 prizes, and travel to Thailand with hotel vouchers. And resorts in the Centara group, 85 awards, a total of 100 awards, worth more than 2 million baht. Second, get 0% down payment for up to 6 months through Kasikorn credit cards. For customers who buy new cars of all types with Kasikorn Leasing AND free driving for up to 90 days for customers who buy new electric trains with Kasikorn Leasing and continue with the third option to receive free gifts. car fridge temperature Or wheeled suitcase worth 2,500 baht when applying for a new car loan with Kasikorn Leasing only at Motor Expo 2022 and receive preliminary approval from 1 Dec ’22-12 Dec ’22 with benefits per 1st and 2nd location for customers who apply for a loan between 1 December and 31 December ’22, get approval and complete a hire purchase contract by 28 February ’23, receive this privilege at the Motor Expo 2022 and the representative showroom that sells cars nationwide Or apply for a car loan online through K PLUS

For the state of the Thai car market for the 10 months of 2022, total sales were 698,305 units, an increase of 17.1%, with Kasikorn Research Center expecting full-year domestic car sales to be around 870,000 units, an increase of 14.6% from the previous year. Kasikorn Leasing car loans in the period of 10 The first month of this year has a total of more than 90,861 million baht, an increase of 22% from the same period last year. “A car loan can help” without showing income documents As a result, the number of assisted car loans increased by 66%, he also expanded his used car loan business by cooperating with various used car platform partners. As a result, the amount of used car loans grew by 159% The company has managed operating costs. And good debt quality management results in 10-month profit this year at 1,588 million baht, growing 26%. Profit for the year is expected to be a new high of 1,750 million baht, with the outstanding hire purchase loan growing by around 11. % Although the outstanding hire purchase loan in the Thai commercial banking system has increased by around 2% and they are expected to have a return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE) ratio for the year at 1.35% and 15% respectively.

As for the 2023 forecast, the Kasikorn Research Center expects car sales to grow by 1.7%-5.2% or 885,000-915,000 units, as a result of the recovery in line with the country’s improving economy. However, there are still some factors to follow. Major economic conditions in the world can experience a severe slowdown. There is a risk that it will affect the Thai economy and make various images The content of this estimate has changed.

Mr Teerachart added that next year KBank Leasing will continue to launch campaigns to continuously penetrate the market. by focusing on segments with growth potential For example, in line with Kasikorn Bank’s Go Green Together policy. Support the creation of a real green society in Thailand. By proactively launching a campaign to support those interested in new electric cars. It is estimated that next year, sales of electric cars will grow twice from 10,000 units this year to 20,000 units, and account for at least 2% of domestic car sales. Although KBank Leasing aims to provide electric vehicle loans in the proportion of more than 10% of the total new car loans. However, the important factor depends on the ability to deliver cars to customers as targeted or not. and the launch of new electric car manufacturers in Thailand

In addition, it continues to build on the strengths of KBank’s service network and customer base. ready to use technology to introduce innovative products and new services That responds to the lifestyle of each customer group, such as applying for a car loan yourself through digital channels (Digital Self Application), where customers can apply for a loan and know results of the initial approval immediately through online channels. who will start applying for a new car loan first in cooperation with leading car alliances for used cars There will be promotional programs and increased cooperation with online used car platforms. Consolidate and sustainably maintain KBank Leasing’s number one position in this market. In terms of car loan products can help. It will push hard to reach a small group of customers without income documents By offering a product for registering pledges without showing income documents There are no difficult steps to take. making it easier to access credit

about cooperation with that partner Kasikorn Leasing also focuses on cooperation with various partners, including leading car manufacturers. New and used car dealers Including partners in digital channels for continuous joint marketing and new campaigns will gradually roll out to delight customers all the time next year. Whether it is a product for business customers or individual customers. Through cooperation with Kasikornbank, which already has a customer base with potential Including the announcement of a new hire purchase pilot scheme to support the new announcement as the first financial institution before the new criteria come into force. which has been adapted to cover all the criteria of the new OCPB in order to benefit consumers Especially for customers during this Motor Expo 22, customers who apply and make a new hire purchase agreement from 22 November, can 2022 onwards receive the right without having to wait until January 10 of the next year.

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