KASIKORN X sends Bigfin to help investors around the world Track and analyze portfolios in cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

  KASIKORN X launches Bigfin, a crypto-currency and digital asset portfolio analysis and management tool. This is the most important thing for investors around the world to manage their investment portfolios more easily and efficiently. It aims to reach more than 200,000 Bigfin users by 2023.

Mr. Thanamet Ariyavat, Venture Director, KASIKORN X Co., Ltd. (KX), a subsidiary of KASIKORNBANK and KBTG that operates innovative business in the world. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and digital assets reveal that the crypto market is currently highly volatile. The price of Bitcoin has dropped more than 70% to below $20,000 per 1 BTC on June 18, 2022 from a high of $67,500 per 1 BTC on November 9, 2021. Cryptocurrency and digital assets will require close monitoring of investment data. to know the investment value and manage investment risks However, the tools available in the market are not yet able to provide investors with important and meaningful information, such as showing their own investment costs. Notification when the asset value in the portfolio changes. Viewing Profit-Loss Data of the Total Portfolio and view them separately by assets, etc.

KX has developed Bigfin, a tool for analyzing and monitoring cryptocurrency and digital asset portfolios. Ready to notify when the port value has changed significantly. easy to use Just enter the Bigfin platform at the website https://bigfin.finance and fill in your wallet address, you will see investment analysis immediately. Highlights of Bigfin are:

• Running Balance View the current port value. Profit-Loss of total portfolio and view by asset
• Transaction History See a list of transactions in and out of wallet assets and gas, divided into clear, easy-to-understand categories.
• Editing Cost Basis can record the cost of trading by yourself. to analyze profit-loss more accurately

The Bigfin Platform currently selects the top 1000 cryptocurrencies and digital assets with the highest Market Capitalization on the Ethereum Chain, and will add assets from the Ethereum Chain as well as their connections to other Blockchain networks. and a centralized digital asset trading center. Also, useful features will be continuously developed, such as a system to notify when the portfolio value changes to a predetermined level. presentation of new knowledge in analyzing transaction data on blockchain, etc.

Mr. Thanamet added that KX believes that Bigfin will be a crypto-currency portfolio analysis platform that meets the needs of investors. both in terms of convenience with features that match and being a helper to have access to useful information for investors to make informed decisions and more efficient The goal is to have more than 200,000 Bigfin users by 2023. Interested parties can follow the development plans and team movements at https://bigfin-finance.gitbook.io/

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