KASIKORN X Unveils Coral, NFT Marketplace Platform

Mr. Ruangrote Poonpol, Group Chairman of KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG), revealed that KBTG has established one new company in the group to support business in the digital world in the future, namely KASIKORN X Company Limited or KX, acting as a Venture Builder or It is like a factory that produces startups or new businesses that operate independently (Autonomous Venture Builder). Decentralized Finance and Beyond, following that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based decentralized finance system that can be audited by all parties. can do various transactions Without intermediaries such as banks or financial institutions, KX sees an opportunity to create new businesses in the financial services and other non-financial services that have the opportunity to be accepted and become popular in the near future

KX’s primary mission is “Building Trust in the Trustless World”. Under the leadership of Mr. Thanamet Ariyawat, Head of Venture Builder, KASIKORN X Co.,Ltd. and received support to expand the business to the Asian region from Kasikorn Bank (KBank) and KBTG In terms of working processes, KX will use methods of incubating new ideas (Incubate), expanding (Scale) and splitting the business to form a new company (Spin-off) when seeing the direction and business opportunities in the next era. to clear

Mr. Thanamet Ariyawat, Head of Venture Builder, KASIKORN X Co.,Ltd., revealed that KX’s strengths are high flexibility in management and decision making. Operates independently from Kasikorn Bank and KBTG. KX’s Venture Building is designed to resemble a startup business. In the team will have the business owner side. (Entrepreneur) and Builder or Engineer side work together. Like being a co-founder in business and technology in the world of startups with the aim of studying, experimenting and launching the product to the real market with the speed of a startup.

KX has previously established a new digital asset company, Kubix, that operates an ICO Portal, and today it is ready to launch its second business, Coral, an NFT Marketplace platform that will create Limited Opportunities. To artists and collectors, Coral will be an NFT Marketplace platform developed from understanding the problems of collectors, artists and brands. Therefore, there is a strong desire to support Thai and Asian artists to be recognized around the world.

“The Coral platform makes it easy to create and trade NFTs. Just like general online shopping But the difference is that Coral customers can purchase NFT artwork with fiat money such as Thai baht or US dollars. while other platform clients have to exchange cryptocurrencies to buy art. which cause trouble Currently, there are nine Thai artists on the Coral platform: Pai Lactobacillus, Tikkywow, Songsil Thewsomboon, Ekachai Milinthaphas, Pantita Mebunsabai, Benzilla, Pomme Chan, IllustraTU, and Jiggy Bug. Artists and partners are still open to joining the platform. Those who are interested can see more details at the website. and is expected to open to collectors by the end of the year,” said Thanamet.

In addition, KX has launched its first Coral alliance, Siam Piwat, to jointly build a hub and build on innovations in arts, culture and lifestyle both online and offline. for Thai and foreign customers The area of ​​Siam Paragon and ICONSIAM will be opened to organize the NFT Innovation Digital Wall to allow visitors to the shopping center to have a closer look at NFT Art in order to support the artists. and activities that express creativity in all forms under the concept of “Co-creation” and “Creating Shared Value”



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