Katharine Berkoff HS Career dies with 16 Montana State Titles

2019 Montana State Championship Championship Girls Visitors

  • 8th February, 2019
  • Bozeman Swimming Pool, Bozeman, Montana
  • 25th, prelims / finals; Calendar A / B for Class Class One leading results for Class A-B; 6 per final scoring
  • Meetings Fruit
  • Team scores – Girls

There are a couple of things in the sport that are consistent with the result of the AA Montana girls state championship. For the 6th year, the name is among the largest schools in the state, Miss Bola Hellgate High School, and Bozeman's second place.

The AB Division, which is not predictable, sets out that Whitefish High School had a 3-point peak over Billings Central Catholic, and the second-leap from 2nd place the last season to achieve its 2nd title in 3 years .

Class AA

Hellgate, senior led Katharine Berkoff, opened a member of the United States National Junior Team and United States State promise, just the 8th stage name in relay relay 200 girls. Their time of 1: 48.80 had at least 3 hours that the 2017 state record was noticed, but 24.38 Berkoff's boring split on the backdrop was 5+ seconds on the field. While Sentinel can return his way to the race (including a 29-second break of breast from Delaney Carlson), there was only so much to say.

Berkoff was the swimmer of the meeting, setting a new State Record in both individual proceedings. In the 100 free, she won 49.90, which broke her own record of 50.01 last season. Then, in the 100 back, she won in 52.40, who also broke her own record series last year in 52.80. She won these races at a march of almost 12 seconds.

She went 4-out-4 perfect, including a free 23.26 command of free relay Hellgate 200 rolling to victory 1: 41.02 in that race, as well as Anya Craig, The Avery Maxwell, and Aidan Condition (again missing their own state record).

Berkoff finishes his high-level career after 16 state titles and 4 highest state titles. In isolation, it includes slowing down as sophomore, where she won the 200 free for her first race than the free 100.

Berkoff is not the only double winner in a significant senior Hellgates class. Gabby Smart He took titles in the 200 IM (2: 10.28) and the 500 free (5: 09.74). It does not seem that the smart was found to meet this, because it was much faster in both events, including 2:06 200 IM just 2 weeks ago.

Other AA Class Event Winners:

  • Bozeman's Erin McKinney The first 100 wins were won in 1: 07.18 She was the second place serving last year, but she has been successful in this year, despite a slower period.
  • Senior glacier AJ Popp The girls won 200 free in 1: 56.17, using a huge 50 final to close a 6-tenth gap Lily Milner (1: 56.92). Overall, Milner was 1.4 seconds better than that last 50. Popp has doubled brutal popp, and the second place in 200 IM events followed in 2: 13.22.
  • Junior Catherine Russo of the Butte Bulldogs of the AA Class 50 free of charge in 23.28. About half a second is slower than last year's state to set the state record, but keeps it unexpected in this situation when the state is living.
  • Arising from the diving break, Russo also won the 100 flights in 55.67. The only swimmer was just about a minute in that event, and also made 3-episode titles in that race.
  • Bozeman, although they did not win together, was victorious for the day with a win at the free 400 relay at 3:40:40, hanging Hellgate about .21 seconds. Presented by McKinney, the athlete, Bozeman's relay consisted of 4 sub-class: Sara Guillen (sophomore), Annika Mittelsteadt (fresh man), and Annika Lawrence (fresh man). With the Hellgate in front of large graduates, and this is the first 400 free relay losses since 2012, Bozeman could be sending the order back next season.

Top 5 Top Staff Score:

  1. Miss Hellgate – 280
  2. Bozeman High School – 224
  3. Missoula Sentinel – 193
  4. High School Capital – 90
  5. SEO Billings – 82

Class A-B

Whitefish High will only get one hit hit (the 400 free relay, where they were the only team that came up to the finish), but they took 5 upcoming 5 event victories.

Freshman Ada Qunell It was a double winner for Whitefish, which involved 200 IM (2: 15.92) and 100 flights (1: 01.99), both of which came at times with A-B totally unexpected. Relaxing as a double winner for the Champions was Annie Sullivan, who won the 500 free in 5: 41.01 and 100 breast breasts in 1: 14.48.

Sophomore Helena Kunz The 200 victories won for Whitefish by winning the 200 free in 2: 02.89.

Other Class A-B Event Winners:

  • Billings Sophomore Catholic Central Julia Peterson 50 girls lost for free in 23.99. The only swimmer was sub-27 in that race. She challenged up by winning the 100 free in 52.85.
  • Central Catholic Billings, who scored at 23.8 from Peterson, won the free free of charge for girls in 1: 49.45. They also won the 200 machine relay in 1: 59.39.
  • Central Catholic Billings Riley Kunz The girls' retro girls won 1: 07.70, which ended up with 1-2 underclassmen ending with a new man Katelyn Anderson take 2nd in 1: 08.56.

Top 5 Top Staff Score:

  1. High Whitefish – 91
  2. Central Catholic Billings – 88
  3. Hardin High – 49
  4. Havre Ard – 19
  5. Falls Falls – 7
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