“Kattaleeya Marasri” has a problem with the agency. Can’t use old name don’t sing yourself

I have been in the country music industry for almost 30 years for the female singer “Kathaliya Marasri”, but she never told me that the path of life encountered a monsoon problem with the agency. until a new name has to be renamed and he cannot steal the song that was sung once to sing it again Recently, I opened my heart to the host of the mother, “Noo Mam Suriwipha” in the program “Noo Mam Table”. Let’s hear about this.

“Kattaleeya Marasri” has a problem with the agency. Can’t use old name don’t sing yourself

How many years have you been in the industry?
Having been in the industry for almost 27 years, but when the first tape was released, we were still not famous, it had to be handled for about two to three years before people knew who the name Kathaliya Marasri was and where the he came who sang in many sets rather than out loud, but only when changing the name

Changed the name and so popular?
At first it was Kathryn and she changed to Kathaliya, and that’s when the work came in. namely that we were born on Thursday T. will be a character. Because we always wear purple because it represents the Katrina flower. And red, let’s just say Kat has to wear the primary color to stand out. If the lips are not red, there is no energy to sing. On the other hand, being a tall and slim person must wear some high heels.

Charming moles?
whatever set we put on which album People won’t remember the face but the mole on the chest. Which is still there, we haven’t taken it out yet and still keep it as a charming birth place. But the memory that everyone sees will see that we dance often, that we are not a dancer at all.

Clear drama, can’t use the same name – can’t sing songs that used to be famous?
It started with a problem with the agency. When there are problems together, it is a personal matter, so it spreads to work with us. We left the agency and they will not use that name at all. It is a general rule. Including the name that the agency is the person who gave it. Who is currently using the name Kathaliya still happy, although I can’t use the same name, but the fans still remember our faces remember us the same But we are still happy that the fans are usually welcomed.

The first time he was banned from using his name. How do you feel?
There is a little bit of anger, but understand that we are angry and change quickly, understand the opposite of what he thinks, that he can think and get angry, he can be dissatisfied and understand it, and we will be soft to feelings of anger or resentment

Where did you get your encouragement? Make it through the bad times?
Part of the encouragement comes from the hospital because we live together as friends, that is, the family institution is a very wonderful institution, so it makes our encouragement feel more refreshing.

Can we sing old songs?
It can be tried, but we have to ask for copyright in the agency to follow the rules like other artists. Now there is no problem. If we don’t think there will be a problem, we ask him to pick up the phone and ask him to act really want to use We gave to the agency St. which now has a back and forth show

How does covid affect him?
At first I was stressed because there were no events, no TV shows. The income comes from the chili paste we make. And a small moon, playing small lotteries. Who has invested in selling chili paste, took the old money to make money, fortunately, there is no debt burden, taking care of the children, just enough, you don’t have to be extravagant, you don’t have to put on the brand name only

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