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“Katy Perry” Releases New Single To Celebrate 25 Years Of The Childhood Favorite Movie “Pokémon”

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“Katy Perry” releases new single “Electric” with mv co-starring “Pikachu” celebrating 25 years for the childhood favorite “Pokémon”

Many probably never knew that Superstar artists like “Katy Perry” That will be passionate about and like cartoons “Pokémon” From how she played video games when she was a kid Recently, she released the latest single, “Electric” In celebration of the 25th anniversary that will be included in “Pokémon 25: The Album” Featuring 14 songs, 11 songs from Universal Music Group artists Katy Perry, Post Malone, J Balvin, the album will be released in the fall.

“There is no reason we cannot light up our lives,” is one of those lines that reflect the inspiration and joy of pursuing dreams supported by love. And the support of friends The track was co-produced by The Monsters & Strangerz, Jon Bellion and Bruce Weigner.

MV music “Electric” It premieres on YouTube today, and Carlos Lopez Estrada, who previously directed Disney films, is also directing the MV. In the accompanying video starring “Katy Perry” and “Pikachu,” enjoying nature. And it reflects how they have changed over the years. They were then taken back in time to the early days of “Katy Perry” career, but with the encouragement of her friend “Pikachu”, “Katy Perry” was encouraged to change her life. From working in the market to acting in a club for the first time in her life.

“Katy” Recalls, “When I went to the Pokémon Café while I was on a tour in Japan. It reminds me of old days when I was a kid. And being contacted by me as part of “Pokémon” 25th anniversary celebrations, it made me feel very happy with the theme of the song being self-igniting. And that is my life idea And the story of Pokemon Pikachu is an evolved figure from Pichu, which in the video you can see me when I was younger with Pichu and seeing me today with Pikachu, showing how we both grew but still. The playfulness is there. “

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“Katy Perry” For the 25th anniversary of “Pokémon”, created an amazing performance in the song “Electric”, which tells about the journey. Said Colin Palmer, VP of Marketing, The Pokémon Company International, “We hope fans will be thrilled and have fun seeing Pikachu team up with Katy in the MV“ Electric ”. Great for a song that can inspire everyone. ”

Today, a collection of playful “Electric” themes is also released. It’s all part of P25 Music, a huge music campaign. And it has a long history from The Pokémon Company International, in association with Universal Music Group. Fans can stay up to date on P25 Music and other celebrations on the 25th anniversary website of “Pokémon”.

You can listen to the song “Electric” here: https://katyperryth.lnk.to/ElectricPR and watch the MV “Electric” here: https://youtu.be/ojpTpT5i-PI

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