Kavita who accompanied Abu Bakar met a tragic end, Abu Bakar killed the young woman and threw her to pieces.

Dhaka : A tragic end for the young woman who went to live with the young man she met a few days ago. The incident took place in Gobaracha area of ​​Khulna city in Bangladesh. A young woman named Kavitarani was killed and the body was thrown into three pieces.

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Lieutenant Colonel Mostaq Ahmed said that the Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion arrested a young man named Abu Bakar and Sapna who lived with him in the incident. Arrested Abu Bakar and his wife Swapna have been living as husband and wife in the Gobaracha Chowraha No. 1 house for the past three years. Sapna, who works as a nurse at Prince’s Hospital in the city, was not legally Abu’s wife. With the dream
Abubakar became close to Kavitarani during his stay.

Kavitha Rani met Abubakar five days ago. Then she went to a rented house to live with him. At that time, he had gone to his dream job.

Meanwhile, Kavita and Abu Bakar got into an argument when they got home. Kavita was strangled to death by Abu Bakr. Later, a knife used in the kitchen was brought and Kavita’s throat was cut. Both hands were cut off. The severed head and hand were wrapped in a polythene cover. The rest were in boxes.
That night, Abu Bakr crossed the river Rupsa with Sapna and entered Dhaka. But during the investigation, he and Swapna were arrested from Chaurasta area under Basan police station in Gazipur district. Police recovered other parts of Kavita Rani’s body from the rented house. Kavita’s severed hands wrapped in polythene were also recovered from Gobarchka area of ​​the city.

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