Kawasaki presents the new ZX25R along with the KLX230 MY23 family, along with strong promotions at the Motor Expo 2022.

The other grandeur of the motorcycle zone exhibition area at Motor Expo 2022 is the Kawasaki booth, which brought new models to display in unison this year. with the pinnacle of the Ninja family of sports cars and the new KLX off-road line

Mr. Krishna Phaephat, Senior Sales Manager, Kawasaki Motor Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed. “At the Motor Expo 2022, Kawasaki has brought motorcycles to showcase at this event, along with all c series. Res, be it the NINJA super sports Family, led by the latest ZX25R, including NINJA400, ZX6R, ZX10RR, and then the Z family of super-necks, such as the Z900/900RS, Z400, Z650, 650RS, new colors have u add. , Versys650 and KLR650, the off-road group that raised the new KLX230 2022 version, all 4 models, and then the classic W Series family led by the W800.

This event, Kawasaki’s “highlight” is an exhibition of new models that have just been released recently, starting from the Ninja Kawasaki ZX25R MY23, the latest 250 cc. horsepower (if Ram Air is fully functional, it will be 47 horsepower) along with a TFT screen and a sports exhaust pipe. The selling price is 299,000 baht.

Another interesting point of the Kawasaki booth is the KLX230 off-road group, the latest version of 4 models, a single-cylinder, 230 cc., air-cooled engine, displaced from the KLX230 (price 145,000 baht , KLX230 S, KLX230SE shock absorbers, down size, gold color) (price 160,000 baht), including the KLX230 SM SE (price 156,000 baht) which comes in Super Moto form

In addition, Kawasaki also has a water vehicle that made its debut in Thailand such as the Ultra 310 LX and 310 LXS Jet Ski models that also came in the water vehicle display zone.

Interested in buying a Kawasaki motorcycle with special conditions only for the Motor Expo 2022, you can visit the Kawasaki booth at IMPACT Challenger, Muang Thong Thani today until December 12, 2022.

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