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Kazhakoottam Sobha Surendran, Nemth K Muraleedharan Third: Exit Poll | Exit Poll | Thiruvananthapuram

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Manorama News-VMR exit poll results released in Thiruvananthapuram district.

In Varkala Exit polls suggest coup d’etat BRM Shafeer is projected to get 9.20% of the vote against sitting MLA V Joy. In the last election, V Joy defeated Varkala Kahar by a narrow margin of 1.86% (2386 votes). BDJS candidate SRM Aji will improve the status quo.

Attingal Exit polls suggest LDF retention OS Ambika is predicted to be 18.90% ahead of the UDF candidate. Assessing that UDF and BJP votes will also increase. In the seat contested by the RSP, the UDF vote has increased by about 5 per cent.

Under the wings The survey predicts that the LDF will retain. The majority will be reduced to half but the LDF will retain the constituency. 5% vote lead. BJP votes also increase.

Nedumangad The survey also shows that red will not fade. Exit polls suggest CPI will retain constituency with majority The UDF and BJP are not expected to increase their votes. Despite replacing senior leader C Divakaran, the CPI will retain the constituency by a margin of 10.90%. In 2016, C. Divakaran defeated the Congress’ Palode Ravi by a margin of 2.30% (3621 votes) to put the CPI back on track. No increase in UDF votes. Despite the contest of senior leader JR Padmakumar, the BJP will see a significant decline (6.52%) in the vote.

At Vamanapuram Exit polls suggest sitting MLA DK Murali of CPM wins But, the majority will decrease. The NDA predicts an increase in votes. Sitting MLA DK Murali will retain the constituency by a margin of 4.60%. Slight increase in NDA vote.

In Kazhakoottam Exit polls suggest Sobha Surendran to make history It is predicted that Kadakampally will overthrow Surendran with 2.80% more votes. The survey says the UDF candidate is unlikely to make significant gains. Sobha is predicted to overthrow Minister Kadakampally Surendran by a margin of 2.80%. Kadakampally, the sitting MLA, defeated the present Union Minister V Muraleedharan by a margin of 5.48% (7347 votes) in 2016. Dr. of the UDF. According to the survey, SS Lal could not repeat the performance of MA Wahid, who finished third last time.

വട്ടിയൂർക്കാവിൽ Exit polls suggest sitting MLA VK Prashanth The BJP’s vote share will decline. The UDF is second. Exit polls suggest sitting MLA VK Prashant to retain constituency by 4.50% margin Delays and shortcomings in candidate selection and lack of coordination in action should be seen as a setback for the Congress.

And in Thiruvananthapuram It seems to be a sign of coup. Exit polls suggest Antony Raju overthrow VS Sivakumar Antony Raju is likely to get 2.40% more votes. The BJP, which fielded actor Krishnakumar, is projected to lose votes. The NDA gets only 20.20% of the vote.

To the BJP Neem The prediction in the exit poll is that it will go. Exit polls suggest V Sivankutty (LDF) will reclaim the constituency with 7.60% of the vote. The BJP is projected to lose up to 15% of the vote and K Muraleedharan’s 15% of the vote. The vote share is as follows: LDF 40.70%, NDA 33.10% and UDF 24.40%. Exit polls suggest BJP losing seats in country-focused constituency

V Sivankutty, who lost to O Rajagopal by 8671 votes (6.07%) last time, is predicted to win the constituency by a margin of 7.60% this time. Exit polls suggest BJP will lose 15 per cent of the vote. Though the entry of senior leader K Muraleedharan gave excitement to the Congress and the UDF, the organizational weakness in the constituency weakened. The UDF vote will increase by 15 per cent. It is reasonable to assume that the Congress votes that the BJP got in the last elections have returned this time.

Aruvikkara The survey indicates that is unlikely to change. In a tough contest, KS Sabrinathan is likely to continue with 1.70% more votes. In 2016, KS Sabrinathan defeated AA Rashid of the CPM by a margin of 14.83% (21314 votes).

English Summary: Kerala Assembly Election 2021- Manorama News Exit Poll Thiruvananthapuram District


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