KB Kookmin Bank also revives preferential interest rates for main loans and jeonse loans – Maeil Economic Daily

Next year, the minimum interest rate for KB Kookmin Bank’s Jeonse Loan and Home Mortgage Loan will be lowered by 0.20 to 0.30 percentage points from now. This is the effect of partially restoring the preferential interest rate for loans, which had been lowered since September.

From the 3rd of next month, KB Kookmin Bank decided to raise the preferential rate of the Jeonse loan (KB Housing Jeonse Fund Loan, KB Jeonse Security Loan, KB Plus Jeonse Fund Loan) from the current maximum of 0.7 percentage points to 0.9 percentage points.

Direct debit and savings accounts are added to the preferential interest rate category. The KB mortgage loan (variable interest rate) has revived the abolished preferential rate and set it to a maximum of 0.3 percentage points. It is applied depending on whether it is a non-deferred long-term amortization loan, KB Star Club, or high-quality customers. An official from KB Kookmin Bank said, “We will expand the range of preferential rates for Jeonse loan and home mortgage products, which are in high demand among customers, among the products that have been temporarily reduced to manage the total amount of household loans.”

Earlier, Woori Bank also announced on the 23rd that it would raise the preferential rate for credit loan products and subsidized products by up to 0.6 percentage points from next year. For the ‘Loan for Employee’s Main Transaction’, a representative credit loan product, the preferential interest rate rises from 0.6 percentage point to 0.9 percentage point. Woori WON housing loan is restored from no preferential interest rate to 0.4% point in preferential rate.

The reason banks are working to restore the preferential interest rate one after another is that the total amount of increase in the loan amount that must be kept is reset as the years go by. Although the growth rate of the total loan amount itself is 4~5%, which is tighter than this year, the boom in the real estate market has slowed down, and there is a judgment that loans will not increase to a risky level even if they actively engage in marketing as it is the beginning of the year.

Hana Bank and Shinhan Bank are also known to be carefully considering the revival of preferential rates.

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