KB Securities introduces vaccine leave for COVID-19 vaccination

▲KB Securities CI

KB Securities announced on the 1st that it will introduce a corona 19 vaccination leave to ensure employees have sufficient rest after vaccination against the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

This Corona 19 vaccination vacation was introduced to protect employees by ensuring sufficient rest and to comply with the government’s quarantine guidelines. Employees who received the vaccine may use vaccine leave on the day and the following day of the COVID-19 vaccination regardless of adverse reactions, and all of them will be treated as paid leave (free leave). If there is an adverse reaction after using the first two days of vacation, an additional day can be used.

Employees who continue to have adverse reactions even after using additional leave may visit a medical institution for examination according to government guidelines, and if additional treatment is needed, leave may be used according to the medical institution’s examination result (diagnosis).

An official from KB Securities said, “For the safety of employees and customers, we plan to actively support vaccinations.”


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