KBank wins Asia’s Best HR Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 – Thailand region

Kasikorn Bank (KBank) he won the big prize from AD Asia both Asia’s Best HR Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 – Thailand region and swept another 10 awards from the stage HR Excellence Awards 2022 Thailand Reinforce excellence in human resource management at an international level By creating and giving opportunities to potential personnel to create new achievements “Possibility to Make an Impact” Satisfy customer needs and move towards the Sustainability Bank

Sansana Sukhanan Deputy Managing Director of Kasikorn Bank It was revealed that KASIKORNBANK aims to be a sustainable bank. By aiming to empower every customer’s life and business. as well as developing new businesses with new technological developments. Having a quality team come together to create new products and services. So solving problems and meeting customer needs is very important. The bank has to develop it to be the best organization that people want to work with. and providing opportunities for personnel to use their potential to the fullest

Kasikorn Bank recently received Asia’s Best HR Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 – the Thailand region award, the most attractive organization in Asia from HR Asia is the most recognized human resource management media in Asia. The criteria of good internal control are considered to create employee engagement. looking after and creating a suitable working atmosphere as well as promoting a culture of teamwork


Sansana added that the Bank believes that in order to be the most attractive organization to work with, it must start by making potential personnel see that KBank has new opportunities. many nationally and regionally to show skill have created something new and develop their own potential to become more skilled without limits including being in a good environment Having the opportunity to work with a good boss and team

In the past, the Bank has had a number of strategic and innovative projects that allow new generations of employees to try to work together. It also aims to develop future skills. and skills to meet the Bank’s strategy through the KBank Academy, together with creating a work style to meet the work needs of employees and integrate lifestyle better (Work that FITS). By combining a hybrid working style designed with the boss. for employees to manage their personal lives better And be able to ensure results and take care of safety at work. In addition, the bank has a policy to take care of employees thoroughly by making everyone feel that they are walking together. felt that their work was meaningful and earned a reasonable return


In addition, KASIKORNBANK and KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG) recently received the 2022 Thailand HR Excellence Awards organized by Human Resources Online, Singapore. with exceptional human resource management excellence through change management and developing outstanding leaders Managing staff care during COVID-19 as well as encouraging employees to work with quality and well-being, with a total of 10 awards as follows:

HREA 1.Overall winner which is the highest award in the selection Awarded to the organization with the most outstanding performance in the field of human resource management. both at the corporate and individual level

2. HR Leader of the Year Gold Level: Awarded to Ms. Sansana Sukanan, Deputy Managing Director of Kasikorn Bank in being a dedicated leader Intends to develop employees to be able to create a better impact for the organization, including taking care of employee welfare

3.Excellence in Human Resource Change Management Gold level by promoting Agile collaboration for employees to adapt to rapid change and business needs.

4.Excellence in Workforce Flexibility Gold level to encourage employees to have the flexibility to work under Hybrid Working Mode (Hybrid Working Mode) through the Work That FITS program.

5.Excellence in Work Life Harmony Bronze Level, which encourages employees to have a balance between life and work. Under the dimensions of well-being, physical health, mental health, and finance, as well as pushing for an Effective Meeting to encourage employees to create a better balance between life and work.

6. Excellence in Leadership Development The Bronze Level is leadership development from the bank based on Leadership Values, equipping leaders to lead the organization and the team towards their business goals.

7.Employer of the Year Bronze level in pushing banks to be the best place to work, learn and lead

Additionally, KASIKORN BUSINESS-TECHNOLOGY GROUP (KBTG) received 3 awards:

8. Excellence in Employer Branding Gold Level 2 years in a row Award to organizations that create a distinctive brand image that is widely recognized to attract Top Talent.

9.Excellence in Workforce Mobility A Gold Award for enterprises that provide end-to-end solutions for the work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

10.Excellence in Employee Engagement Fund level Award for organizations that bring the voice of their employees to create an outstanding engagement program because our Culture is about people.

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