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Technical Chairman Yeom Kyung-yeop meets with US players to discuss ‘Taegeuk brand’

Before the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March next year, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) will directly contact the Korean major leaguers who play in the MLB (Major League Baseball) in the United States to discuss their intention to join a Korean national. team.

According to the KBO Secretariat on the 22nd, the Chairman of the KBO Technical Committee, Yeom Kyung-yeop, will go to the United States on the same day to meet with 4-5 major leagues located in Korea and ask if they they want to participate in the WBC Korean national team. .

For the first time in six years that the WBC was held, KBO President Huh Gu-yeon announced early the idea of ​​choosing a major Korean league as a representative and building the strongest national team if the opportunity arises.

WBC, which advocates for baseball’s most powerful national game, is generous with the nationalities of its players.

If your parents come from different countries, it’s fine to choose either lineage to participate in WBC.

KBO, Korean big league WBC big prize The Korean team is seriously boarding

Korean-born major leaguers who were born in Korea or whose parents are Korean include second baseman Tommy Hyeonsu Edman (27, St. Louis Cardinals), right-handed pitcher Dane Dunning (28, Texas Rangers), outfielder Rob Lefsnyder (31, Boston Red) Saks), outfielder Connor Joe (30, Colorado Rockies), and minor league right-handed pitcher Mitch White (28).

Originally, the KBO planned to send representatives from the national team, including Chairman Yeom, to the United States in July or August, but the MLB secretariat requested that the visit be postponed, saying it was necessary stop the participation of the players in the WBC. .

Chairman Yeom and the team members of the first national team met with the Korean Major Leaguer and asked if they would like to participate in the WBC.

It is not known which player will go out to wear the Taegeuk mark.

Every team’s situation is different, so it’s hard to predict.

However, it is known that the KBO Secretariat expects one or two people to join the national team.

The KBO Secretariat is speeding up the formation of the national team by sending KBO Technical Committee member Beom-hyeon Cho and Jun-ki Kim to Germany, where the WBC qualifying round was held, and recently appointed Heo Sam-young, former Samsung Lions. manager, as a member of the WBC team’s power analysis team.

In addition, Tucson, Arizona, USA, was confirmed as a training site for the WBC national team scheduled for mid-February 2023, and a support system was established for the national team, such as signing a logistics and transport contract with a local network. .

Party chairman Yeom also plans to meet with Choi Ji-man (31, Tampa Bay Rays) and Kim Ha-seong (27, San Diego Padres) to encourage them and exchange information related to WBC.

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