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KBS announcer Kim Do-yeon apologizes for remarks about ‘five trillion and five billions’… “My ignorance”

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picture explanationKim Do-yeon, KBS announcer. Photo|Kim Do-yeon SNS

KBS announcer Kim Do-yeon apologized for remarks about ‘five trillion and five billions’.

Announcer Kim Do-yeon appeared on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Breakfast in the morning’, which was broadcast live on the 23rd, and was explaining how to store leftover canned food. This is because canned ham rapidly spreads germs and microorganisms when opened, because unlike other processed hams, it does not contain any preservatives.

It is said that when the oil in canned food comes into contact with air, it changes the taste and color and even causes toxic substances.”

Then, announcer Kim Do-yeon said, “The best way is to eat it all when you open it, and if you need to store it, it’s good to apply vinegar to the area you’ve touched with a knife or hand, then roll it up in plastic wrap and refrigerate it. But even if you do this, consume it within 2-3 days I have to. I feel sorry for people living alone. There are a lot of canned hams stored like this, but I must have eaten five trillion and five billion bacteria.”

The problematic part was the word ‘five trillion and five billion’. Although ‘five trillion and five billion’ is a new word used to mean a lot, it has been controversial because it is also used as one of the expressions that hate men in some women’s communities.

When the remarks became controversial after the broadcast, announcer Kim Do-yeon said, “I just thought it was an idiom meaning a lot. I never imagined it would be used in that sense.

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I will speak more carefully in the future.”

Currently, the apology has been deleted from announcer Kim Do-yeon’s Instagram.

Meanwhile, announcer Kim Do-yeon joined KBS as an announcer for the 45th class. He is in charge of hosting programs such as ‘KBS News Plaza’ and ‘I like the movie’.

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