KBS dog winner who connects Gagcon, sniper of broadcaster in YouTube video

KBS 2TV’s new entertainment program ‘Gae Seungja’, which follows ‘Gag Concert’, was first broadcast on the 13th.

Gae Seung is a comedian survival program in which comedians form a team, perform a gag in front of the judges, and the gag team that receives more selections survives. With a prize money of 100 million won, the losers and survivors of each round are decided by a 100% popular vote. Comedians are divided into 13 teams to participate. The first broadcast recorded an audience rating of 5% (based on Nielsen Korea) and is being evaluated as a successful first broadcast.

On the other hand, in the non-broadcast YouTube video, the comedians who appeared in Gae Seung-ja received attention by sharing remarks to the effect that “gags became uninteresting because of broadcast review.” They also shared opinions such as “I will go to the Vigilance Committee (Korea Communications Standards Commission) and hold a one-man demonstration”, “It’s tighter because it’s KBS,” and “It’s a problem with comedians.”

▲ Captured from ‘Kim Jun-ho, toilet-soo, unbroadable video’ on YouTube.

The first episode aired on the 13th is considered to be successful in terms of viewer ratings. It recorded 5% based on Nielsen Korea, and 4.6% based on TNMS, another company specializing in viewership. According to TNMS, this is a 1.3%p higher than the 3.3% ratings for the last episode of the Gag Concert on June 26 last year. On this day, when Kim Seong-joo introduced each team leader, the instant rating rose to 5.5%, recording the ‘best of one minute’.

Episode 1 of Gae Seung-ja started by looking back at the history of public comedy, starting with the narration of Yoo Jae-suk, a former comedian. It dealt with the rise and fall of the history of public comedy such as the KBS Gag Concert, and the victor’s determination to create a new era gag continued.

Since it was only episode 1, more than half of the talk format was occupied by each team leader forming a group and introducing the team leader-level comedians and rules. In the first round, Park Seong-gwang and Lee Su-geun played a gag match.

Comedians “Gags aren’t fun because of the deliberation” vs “The problem of comedians”

On the other hand, on the 14th, in the ‘video that cannot be broadcast’, which Gae Seung-ja released on YouTube, we could hear the stories of comedians who were more naked than the main story.

▲ Captured from 'Kim Jun-ho, toilet-soo, unbroadable video' on YouTube.
▲ Captured from ‘Kim Jun-ho, toilet-soo, unbroadable video’ on YouTube.

While comedians were having a discussion about ‘why public comedy died’, comedian Hyung-bin Yoon said, “I couldn’t keep up with the times. When he said, “The gags were not fun,” Kim Won-hyo said, “(Gags performed on terrestrial TV stations) had many restrictions. I was depressed,” he said.

Byun Gi-soo said, “I can’t do one-dimensional gags, so the fun is lost. I had nothing to put out because it blocked one-dimensional gags like ugly or fat.

Host Kim Seong-joo asked comedian Kim Jun-ho, “I even said that I would go to the vigilante and hold a one-man protest, is that true?” In response, Kim Jun-ho said, “KBS has a higher level of attention than other broadcasters, so it is tighter. So I will go to the vigilante committee and hold a one-person picket protest.”

▲ Captured from 'Kim Jun-ho, toilet-soo, unbroadable video' on YouTube.
▲ Captured from ‘Kim Jun-ho, toilet-soo, unbroadable video’ on YouTube.

On the other hand, comedian Park Seong-gwang had a different opinion. Park Seong-kwang said, “It is a problem for comedians who demean and slander each other.




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