KDB, the main shareholder, is considering selling its stake in HMM… “Meeting companies and researching the market”

Market Line’s “Private Privatization Velocity” Outlook

▲ Container ship HMM Oslo. Seoul DB Newspaper

The Korea Development Bank, the largest shareholder of HMM, the largest container shipping company in Korea, met with potential buyers and began market research to sell HMM shares.

According to the financial sector on the 22nd, KDB recently met with officials from potential acquisition candidates HMM to share their views on the market situation. The industry is considering Hyundai Motor Group, POSCO Group, SM Group, and LX Group as potential acquisition candidates.

Given that HMM’s business conditions have improved, both inside and outside the market, it is expected that KDB and others will accelerate the process of selling their stakes before the shipping industry declines further. In addition to the Korea Development Bank (20.69%), HMM is owned by public institutions such as Korea Maritime Promotion Corporation (19.96%) and Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (5.02%).

It is true that the Korea Development Bank is conducting a preliminary investigation of the market situation, but it is in the position that no specific sales plan has been established at this time. Regarding the sale of HMM, the KDB official said, “There is a fact that we have identified the market conditions related to the sale of HMM against multiple companies.

Reporter Shin Kang

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