Keep an eye on 3 species of “Omicron”, increasing the epidemic while BA.5 is still the biggest epidemic.

“Doctor Thira” Assoc.Prof.Dr., Teera Worathanarat, MD Faculty of Medicine Facebook Post Chulalongkorn University Thira Woratanarat Reveal infection COVID Yesterday, the world was infected with 215,345 more people, 551 more deaths, a total of 636,191,953 people, 6,596,671 deaths. The top 5 infected people are Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and Russia. “omicron” BA.5 Still catching the most cases, and keeping an eye on 3 new species that are starting to spread more

by World Health Organization WHO The WHO Weekly Epidemiological Update released last night, November 2, 2022. The latest weekly epidemic situation. There is a marked increase in the rate of new infections and deaths in America. and the western Pacific region While Southeast Asia And Africa are seeing an increase in weekly death rates. As for the virus strain Covid-19 be present “omicron” It accounts for 99.9% of the global epidemic.

However, if classified by subspecies of Omicron found to be BA.5 up to 74.9%, BA.2 7%, BA.4 4.8%

For the species of concern, it was found that

BQ.1.x increased from 5.7% –> 9%
BA.2.75 An increase of 2.9% –> 3.7%
XBB 1.0% –> 1.5% increase

With the above information, it is necessary to monitor the epidemic situation closely. and be careful Protect yourself regularly

An update Long COVID

Recently, there is information from Japan. and South Africa for the accident rate Long COVID
Jassat W et al from the National Institute of Communicable Diseases, South Africa. The results of the study were reported. accident rate Long COVID in people infected with species range COVID-19 Omicron That’s around 18.5%.

Meanwhile, the local government of Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan reported the results of a population survey of 2,441 people infected earlier this year. A survey conducted in June 2022 (approximately three months after infection) found that more than half experienced symptoms after recovery from infection (50.06%).

In this regard, women have a share of those who face problems. Long COVID more than a male And people aged 30-40 who work have more problems than those under 20, with only one in four people having problems. Long COVID to receive treatment in hospital for many reasons including not knowing where and how to receive treatment causing the local government to publish an announcement that it will disseminate information and establish a system of care and consultation services to be ready to support patients Long COVID give more

for Thai people to be aware that the cases are still ongoing. But the situation in the country is less known. You need to protect yourself regularly to get up. booster vaccine considered necessary to reduce serious illness and death and reduce the risk of Long COVID Wearing a mask correctly This will greatly reduce the risk.
It is better not to get infected.

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