Keio Baseball Team’s Hopes Dashed: Fall to Toko Gakuen 0-4, Dim Future for Spring Selection Tournament

Keio’s Hopes Dashed as Toko Gakuen Emerges Victorious with a 4-0 Win

In a disappointing turn of events, Keio was defeated 4-0 by Toko Gakuen in the quarter finals of the Kanagawa high school baseball tournament. This loss now leaves their chances of participating in the selection tournament next spring looking bleak. Reflecting on the outcome, Coach Takahiko Mori emphasized the importance of using this disappointment as fuel for future games, declaring that the team will work hard to bounce back during the next summer season.

Strong Pitching Efforts Fall Short

Keio’s starting pitcher, Masami Koya, displayed an impressive performance, allowing only two hits and no runs until the sixth inning. However, in the seventh inning, with one out and the bases loaded, Koya unfortunately surrendered two well-timed hits, resulting in two runs and his departure from the game. His replacement, Yoshimon Suzuki, also gave up a run through a sacrifice fly. The team then conceded another run in the ninth inning, ultimately falling short against Toko Gakuen’s starting pitcher, Eira Hohashi, who showcased excellent control and secured a shutout with nine strikeouts.

Director Mori acknowledged Toko Gakuen’s consistent strength over the years, expressing his desire for Keio to rise to the challenge and compete well in future encounters. He urged the players to approach the game with a positive mindset, calmly reflecting on what had transpired.

Building on Past Success

Despite the setback, Keio still has several players with Koshien experience, such as Kotaku, who served as the ace this summer, and Ugo Kato, the team’s captain and catcher. The new team has also garnered significant attention due to the “Keio fever” generated by their recent Koshien championship victory. Coach Mori acknowledged that the players may have felt the weight of expectations, but he believes this setback will alleviate some of the pressure. With the fall and winter ahead of them, Keio aims for a successful spring and summer season next year.

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Losing to Toko Gakuen 0-4, next spring’s selection is hopeless.

The quarter finals of the Kanagawa high school baseball tournament were held on the 24th, and Keio, who won this summer’s Koshien for the first time in 107 years, lost 4-0 to Toko Gakuen, leaving their chances of participating in the selection tournament next spring. hopeless. After the game, coach Takahiko Mori said, “I think the important thing about high school baseball is to use this disappointment in the next game, so we are working hard to do the most of this loss next summer. to do that,” he said, looking forward.

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Starting pitcher Masami Koya (sophomore) had two hits and no runs until the sixth inning. However, in the 7th inning, with one out and the bases loaded, he was forced to make two well-timed hits, giving up two runs and leaving the game. His replacement, pitcher Yoshimon Suzuki (second year), also lost one run on a sacrifice fly. They gave up one run in the 9th inning, and the batting line allowed a shutout with 9 strikeouts in front of Toko Gakuen starting pitcher Eira Hohashi (2nd year).

Director Mori said, “Kirimitsu (Gakuen) has been strong every year, so I don’t think it’s any good mood, just the usual Kanagawa wins and losses (tournaments). So, I hope we can compete well again. I want the players to look at today’s game with a positive outlook and calmly reflect on what happened.”

Some members who experienced Koshien as regulars remain, including Kotaku, who played as an ace this summer, and captain Ugo Kato (second year), a catcher. The new team also attracted a lot of attention because of the “Keio fever” that came with winning the Koshien championship. The coach said, “I think there were some areas where the players felt heavy. I think this will take some of the pressure off, so I’d like to spend the fall and’ the winter with them and hope for good results in spring and summer next year.”

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