Keio High School Baseball Champions Interviewed on Victory at Kanagawa Prefecture Grounds

Keio High School Wins 105th National High School Baseball Championship

Interview with Infielder Katsuji Kiyohara, Son of Baseball Legend Kazuhiro Kiyohara

Kanagawa Prefecture – In a historical victory, Keio High School emerged triumphant in the 105th National High School Baseball Championship, reclaiming the title for the second time since the tournament’s inception in 1916. The team, based in Kanagawa Prefecture, graciously took the time to respond to an interview held at their school grounds on the 25th. Infielder Katsuji Kiyohara, son of renowned baseball player Kazuhiro Kiyohara who excelled in both Seibu and Giants, expressed his joy, stating, “I am delighted that this team has proven itself as the best in Japan.”

Looking Towards the Future

During the interview, Kiyohara also discussed his aspirations. “Becoming a professional baseball player is definitely a dream of mine, but I also want to remain grounded and focused,” he shared. Currently in his second year of high school, Kiyohara is repeating a year, with his expected graduation in the spring of 2025 at the earliest.

In the recently concluded tournament, Kiyohara wore jersey number 15 and made notable contributions as a pinch hitter in three games. Each time his name was called, the stadium erupted in cheers. Against Hokuriku (Fukui), he caught a hit that flew to left, while in the game against Okinawa Shogaku, he made an impressive play on a ground ball. In his second at-bat, he demonstrated his skill by hitting three ground balls, earning praise from the spectators.

Reflecting on his achievement, Kiyohara shared a heartwarming moment with his father, Kazuhiro, the day after the final. “He congratulated me,” Kiyohara revealed. Contributing to Keio High School’s first championship win in 107 years, he expressed his pride, stating, “It is gratifying to know that my hard work has paid off.”

As the celebration continues, Keio High School’s triumph not only highlights their remarkable performance but also encourages aspiring baseball players across the Central League to pursue their dreams. To stay updated on all the happenings in the Central League, visit the special site “JERA Central League”.

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We were interviewed on the school grounds in Kanagawa Prefecture

Keio (Kanagawa), who won the 105th National High School Baseball Championship for the second time in 107 years since the 2nd tournament in 1916, responded to an interview at the same school ground in Kanagawa Prefecture on the 25th. Infielder Katsuji Kiyohara (2nd year), the second son of Kazuhiro Kiyohara, who was active in Seibu and Giants, said, “I am happy that this team has become the best in Japan.”

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In the interview, there is also a scene to talk about the future. “I want to become a professional baseball player, but I also want to keep that in mind.” Since Kiyohara is repeating a year, he is currently in the second year. Graduation will be in the spring of 2025 at the earliest.

Kiyohara will wear jersey number 15 in this tournament and will participate in three games as a pinch hitter. The hall erupted in cheers when his name was called. In the game against Hokuriku (Fukui), the hit he caught flew to left, and in the game against Okinawa Shogaku, he fell to a ground ball, and in the second at-bat, when he made a round of batters, he scored three ground balls.

When she met her father, Kazuhiro, the day after the final, she said, “I had them congratulate me.” Contributing to the school’s first crown in 107 years, he noted, “I was proud to hear that I had done my best.”

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