Keio High School Suffers Defeat to Toko Gakuen in Kanagawa High School Baseball Tournament Quarter-finals

Keio Suffers Defeat Against Toko Gakuen in Quarter Finals

In a disappointing turn of events, Keio experienced a crushing defeat against Toko Gakuen with a final score of 0-4 in the quarter finals of the Kanagawa high school baseball tournament. This defeat comes as a shock to many, especially after Keio’s triumphant victory at Koshien earlier this summer, which marked their first win in 107 years. With this loss, the chances of participating in the upcoming spring’s selection tournament appear dim.

A Brave Effort By Keio Pitcher Masami Koya Falls Short

Masami Koya, the talented second-year right-handed pitcher who played a crucial role in Keio’s success at Koshien, took the mound as the starting pitcher. The match remained fiercely contested until the 7th inning with a score of 0-0. However, in a turn of events, Keio conceded three crucial points, ultimately sealing their fate. In the 9th inning, they gave up one more run, solidifying their defeat. The batting lineup struggled, managing to secure only three hits throughout the game.

A Rollercoaster Journey Comes to an Unexpected End

Despite their previous victories against Maioka with a staggering score of 22-1, Shonan Institute of Technology with a clean 9-0 win, and Tachibana with a comfortable 10-1 lead, Keio’s commendable progress in the tournament abruptly halted in the quarter finals.

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Keio/Director Takahiko Mori[Llun: Tomoyo Nakadogawa]

Keio lost to Toko Gakuen 0-4.

The quarter finals of the Kanagawa high school baseball tournament were held on the 24th, and Keio, who won Koshien this summer for the first time in 107 years, lost to Toko Gakuen 0-4. It seems hopeless to participate in next spring’s selection tournament.

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Keio second-year right-handed pitcher Masami Koya, who was active in Koshien, started. In the 7th over, the score was 0-0, and they conceded 3 points. They gave up one run in the 9th inning and lost. The batting lineup was limited to three hits.

In this tournament, they defeated Maioka 22-1, Shonan Institute of Technology 9-0, and Tachibana 10-1. Although they were making good progress, they lost in the quarter-finals.

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