Keio High School’s Inspirational Cheering Propels them to a Historic Victory

Keio High School Celebrates First Championship Win in 107 Years

Date: August 23, 2023

Location: Koshien

Photo: Jiji Press Photo

Keio High School, representing Kanagawa Prefecture, clinched the coveted title at the Summer 105 All Japan High School Baseball Championship, marking their first championship win in an astonishing 107 years.

Unconventional Cheering Style Spurs Team’s Triumph

The championship victory was not only attributed to Keio’s impressive skills on the field but also their unique and motivating cheering style. The players’ exuberant celebration, accompanied by their distinct long hair, served as a refreshing “provocation” to the traditional norms of the game. This bold statement resonated with fans across Japan, providing a cool respite from the sweltering summer heat. While the use of unconventional methods may have raised eyebrows, it undeniably played a significant role in their triumphant journey.

As a proud member of the Keio University community, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the team. However, it is important to acknowledge that there are differing opinions regarding the post-victory celebrations. With my own reservations, I would like to share my personal observations on the matter as I believe it resonates with both Keio supporters and the general public.

A Turn of Events: Keio’s Impactful Cheering

During the quarterfinal match against Okinawa Shougaku, I was immediately captivated by the fervent cheering from Keio’s supporters. The intense support provided a turning point for the team, as their pinch hitter, Kiyohara, unleashed a powerful hit that left Okinawa ace Shogaku Higashionna mesmerized. The impact of this support was palpable, not only invigorating the Keio Nine but also inspiring the alumni present.

As a parent of a child from the same generation, I must admit that I had reservations about witnessing high school students displaying such intense fervor. However, it was difficult not to recognize the positive effect it had on the team’s performance.

Anticipating an even more intense atmosphere in the final match, I reluctantly decided to watch the game despite my concerns about the overwhelming support for the young Keio squad. My wife, insisting that we should partake in the celebration, convinced me to join her in rooting for Keio High School.

In conclusion, Keio High School’s long-awaited championship win serves as a remarkable feat in their rich history. Beyond their exceptional skills, their unique and impactful cheering style undoubtedly contributed to their success on the field. As conversations and debates continue, it is essential to appreciate the diversity of opinions surrounding this bold approach to the game. The victory not only signifies Keio’s achievements but also sparks a broader discussion on the evolving traditions and expectations within the world of high school baseball.

Keio’s cheering was also motivating

The Summer 105 All Japan High School Baseball Championship ended with Kanagawa Prefecture’s representative from Keio High School winning the championship for the first time in 107 years.

The pose of enjoying baseball with OK long hair felt like a cool “provocation” to the old fashioned makeup, and it was refreshing and cooling all over Japan this year in the scorching heat. Although there is a full recommendation system, it is not enough to win the championship. It is such a great achievement that I want to shout “Kaisai Kaisai” which blows even me away.

Photo = Jiji Press Photo

Keio cheering seats excited for first win in 107 years = August 23, 2023, Koshien

I am from Keio University. So, I would like to congratulate from the point of view of “Keio people”, but there are different opinions about that “cheering” immediately after the victory. I also felt different thoughts, and I would like to tell you the “moyamoya part” I felt this time below. Of course, this is my personal “fuzzy part”, and maybe this is the “fuzzy part of the general public about Keio”, so I decided to write this, I will enjoy having this.

The first thing that caught my eye was the loud cheering at the Okinawa Shougaku match in the quarter finals.

Okinawa ace Shogaku Higashionna, who had been pitching smoothly until then, was mesmerized by Keio’s pinch hitter Kiyohara’s high pitch when he came to bat. He himself remembered, “Obviously, that support was the trigger.” It was striking to see the contrast between “Young Blood”, which inspired not only the Keio Nine but also the Keio alumni present at the venue, and the relaxed requiem “Eisa”.

As a parent of a child of the same generation, I honestly didn’t want to see high school students who weren’t even old enough to stand in a flat position.

As a prediction, I thought, “If this goes to the final, the cheering will be even more intense,” and it was very difficult.

I didn’t mean to watch it, but my wife said,celebrateis also named. I have to watch the finals,” and of course I was cheering for Keio High School, but I decided to watch the game with some reservations about the overwhelming majority singing “Wakaki Chi”.

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